How to Add a Personal Touch to a Serviced Apartment

If you are planning a trip for a long time it is always a good choice to opt for a serviced apartment. This is because they offer long term self-serviced accommodation. They also give you your own space to work, cook, eat, wash and sleep and their fitted kitchens allow you to save costs on food and cook meals that you enjoy.

Serviced apartments are well furnished and offer a high standard of design with pretty much all you need included. That being said, you may want to add you own touch if you’re planning to stay a while. This makes it feel more homely and a place you can relax.

Here are 5 ways you can make the place more ‘you’.

  1. Bring your own soft furnishings.

If you are an avid collector of cushions, blankets and have an eclectic collection of duvet sets, bringing some of these along will help you fit right into your serviced apartment and tailor it to suit your style.

  1. Art

Got a favourite painting or a collection of wall art prints that you just love? Bring them along with you and find places to prop them up around the apartment. It will keep you inspired and make the space more familiar.

  1. Kitchen Equipment

Most serviced apartments come ready filled with pretty much all you will need. But bringing your favourite mug, a plate and a bowl from home will make meal times feel like you are outing out at a hotel.

  1. Clothes Rail

This isn’t one for the minimalists, but to help your style and creativity reflect in the room, why not brings a collapsible clothing rail to hang your clothes on. This way your style will literally be in the room!

  1. Indoor Plants

You may want to check with the company first, but indoor plants always brighten up a place. Bringing your own plants from home will stop then from withering away without your care, and freshen up the air of the room.

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