Here’s How You Can Go On an Eco-Friendly Adventure

Traversing the globe has become the dream of people of all age and cultural groups. We’ve become so curious that we want to go places, see how others live, learn more about our wildlife and admire all the aspirational architecture that lies far beyond our home!

While we’re running short on our travel options given the current situation, we’ve got a lot of time in hand. So, while you have so much time to spare, why not rethink your travel plans and see how you can make your future adventures more eco-friendly?

The way we travel speaks volumes about our knowledge and respect for our Mother Nature and its wellbeing.

If you’re someone who is always looking for ways to lower the carbon footprint and protect the environment, then there are many ways to plan for a trip that causes less damage to our planet.

Here we’ve mentioned the top 6 tips to help you get started!

Take as Much Time as You Require to Reach the Destination

When it comes to travelling, there’s one common issue among all the travellers – reaching the destination as quickly as possible.

In doing so, although you might reach your destination quickly, you’re still causing a lot of damage to the environment thanks to the different modes of transport taken by you.

While we cannot ignore the fact that our previous adventures have extensively contributed to climate change, we still have the time to correct our mistakes. You could consider going for an alternative like busses and trains, for example. If you’re super conscious about the environment, then why not go for an e-bike?

Of course, it might take longer for you to reach the place but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing, does it? If you absolutely cannot take an extra day for travel, you may want to head to this page to learn about how you can offset your carbon emissions for travel instead.

Travelling is the most beautiful part of any adventure which most of us either miss out on or simply sleep through it. By choosing an eco-friendly way to travel, you’re not only doing your bit for the environment but also taking in the milieu when on the go.

So let’s not sprint to your destination at the cost of our environment’s health!

Go for Green Activities

Every adventure is incomplete without you participating in any activities. This is because they keep you busy, fill up your time and enable you to experience new things which wouldn’t be possible elsewhere.

Nonetheless, if you want to go on an eco-friendly trip, you might want to take up green activities.

Some eco-friendly activities include walking around the sites when exploring the destination, signing up for quad biking activity days or making a raft. If you’re still unsure, then go for sustainable activities like cycling!

Besides being an adventure sports activity, cycling can also be seen as a practical commute solution. Speaking of commute, e bikes are both practical and sustainable form of travel. They use less plastic; consume less energy; and happen to be an activity that is less polluting. Cycling thus makes for an eco-friendly way of enjoying your trip.

To find out more about activities that are both adventurous and eco-friendly, click here!

Avoid the Use of Plastic

While it might not be completely feasible to eliminate plastic from your adventure, you can still eradicate a lot of it with minimal efforts.

For example, how you keep yourself hydrated could be the first place to be conscious of your plastic usage. Although it isn’t possible to live without water, you can still do away with the use of plastic. Instead, go for reusable bottles as they can stop unnecessary plastic from reaching the oceans and spoiling our earth.

You could even make smaller changes like using a bamboo toothbrush rather than the plastic one. Additionally, prepare your food in advance so that you can eliminate the need to order takeout food during the trip.

To go on an eco-friendly trip, all you need is to be forward-thinking since that can ensure you aren’t purchasing plastic before or during the adventure!

Follow a Minimalistic Approach

A minimalistic lifestyle is nothing but living with very little stuff, but in your case, it means travelling with very little things.

When you’re mindful of the things you’re using, you get to prevent the purchase of unnecessary stuff and not carry heavy luggage. This could add some pressure on the mode of transport you’re planning to take.

However, while packing things, carefully consider the items you want. This is because you might end up overpacking and not use all the items you have.

*We all are guilty about overpacking, aren’t we?*

Ask yourself questions like – Will any piece of your clothing can be reused during the trip? Can you carry an eco-friendly soap instead of a body wash that comes in a plastic bottle?

Purchasing less and carrying lighter luggage is synonymous to less damage to our earth. It also helps you lead a sustainable lifestyle in the future!

Search for Local Eateries

During your adventure, if you aren’t able to pack the required food, then you could search for local eateries that use only locally-sourced ingredients. The less amount of food is ordered the less damage is caused to our earth.

Moreover, meat and dairy industries are known to put extra pressure on our planetary resources, that’s why it’s best to consider going for plant-based food.

Look for Eco-Friendly Accommodation

Last but not the least, when it comes to planning for an eco-friendly adventure, it isn’t just what you carry and the way you travel that matters but also the place that you choose to stay.

With an ever-increasing number of hotels and organisations supporting the idea of sustainable living, you have a lot of options to choose from.

Some of them include eco-lodges, eco-friendly hotels and camping sites.

So before you finalise your accommodation, it’s best to consider all the available options and then make a decision.


This environment is a part of us so much so that the rivers are like our bloodstream and the trees our lungs. Put simply, all of us are interconnected and therefore, whatever we do to our environment will ultimately affect us.

By following these eco-friendly steps around the globe, you’ll not only protect the earth but also inspire (hopefully) others to take up the approach!