Glamping in 2022

Camping in 2022 is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. No need to spend hours putting up your tent in the rain, Now there are many choices of accommodation to choose from instead of your typical camping experience. Glamping is the phrase for the luxury camping experience that has taken over in the 2010s traditionally a canvas tent being your only choice, but in 2022 there are new websites popping up every day offering unique hideaway spaces such as huts, cabins, bike sheds, surf huts, gypsy caravans and many more.

Couples will love a romantic getaway in a luxury yurt, or a tree house aloft the beautiful British countryside, and these amazing new choices have brought a whole new audience into the camping scene. No longer do you have to be without technology or running water, a lot of cabins or huts that you hire will come with electricity points and be fully furnished, some might say this isn’t camping at all.

As the popularity of Glamping is ever increasing, you’ll want to make sure that you book any experience early. Unique short break holidays are highly sought after and the better experiences are likely to sell out very fast. Also, a lot of operators will only have a couple of the most unique accommodations as to keep them special. The last thing you want from a unique camping experience is for it to feel like a mass produced holiday camp. So make sure you book early for your dream camping experience.

The next thing you want to look at, is choosing the right accommodation for your party. For instance if you are a family with small children you may want to avoid a tree house or anything with potential risks for children. Size is another aspect to look at, you don’t want a large party of people to be scrunched up into a small hut, potentially you could hire multiple small accommodations for a large party.

One great thing about Glamping and using an accommodation out in the countryside is that it helps to contribute to rural economies, these unique camping experiences help people who have built their businesses and lived there for years. Local woodworkers and craftspeople will have helped to build and maintain the accomodation and keep traditional skills in circulation in the area.

There truly is nothing like the feeling of waking up in a fully equipped unique accomodation to find yourself in the middle of nature in the British countryside.

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