Free Web Hosting for Your Travel Blog

With some companies existing and operating solely in the online space, the importance of web presence, even for brick-and-mortar companies and business, has never been more apparent. With a number of free web hosting options available to complement the commercial solutions, if you are not online, in one way or another, you are simply invisible and if it is your business that is not online, that business is losing out on a very large chunk of the market-share available out there.

To give a brief definition of what web hosting is in general, it is a service through which disk space is allocated on a server’s hard drive, dedicated to the storage and management of files to be used by a web application, such as an HTML and PHP files that iterate through a list of instructions to display media, pictures or other information in a web browser. A website or web application has to be hosted somewhere and web hosting service providers run and maintain the physical infrastructure required to keep those hosted files online, with as few interruptions as possible. For help with the development of a web application, there are resources (look here for more) that can make the process easier and cleaner for those who want to have everything in place for when they are being hosted.

As a travel blogger, you’ll naturally want to publish a wealth of related info on your blog, such as how if fellow travellers want to take advantage of a free bonus no deposit would be required. You should be free to do so.

Why Free Websites

So then, why would anybody want to go for a free web hosting option and essentially set their website up for free, if there are so many paid options out there?

Firstly, free web hosting services offer a platform through which users can get started, giving them space to erect their first website or experiment with a live environment, getting a real feel for how web hosting in the real world works. So, free hosting services could be used for experimental procedures, since free web hosting services will naturally have some restrictions, by way of available disk space, monthly bandwidth transfer limit, and even the amount of applications one can install, as a direct consequence of having limited disk space. But if you are looking for better performance, then looking for dedicated hosting plans (such as those offered by Bluehost dedicated server) would be ideal.

Secondly, going beyond experimental deployment, free web hosting (used for free websites) platforms can have very real commercial implications for those who know how to use such platforms to their benefit, offering just as much as paid hosting services which could otherwise add to the operational costs. What you need to keep in mind is the fact that a free hosting service often offers a full web hosting experience, with the basic functionality of that service every bit as complete as a paid hosting service. However, investing some time in research to understand the features and benefits can be a good approach. Websites, such as, are giving away their knowledge on different website hosting services.

Free hosting would make for a better option, in this instance, simply because of paid hosting options usually depicting a minimum-features option, commonly referred to as the entry-level or basic web hosting plan. This basic web hosting plan, no matter how basic the features it comes with are, could still prove to pack more features than you might want to use for a basic website you might be planning to erect. For example, if all you really need is server space to store a collection of simple HTML files and a few images for a basic informational site, some of the extra features of a basic, entry-level hosting package, from a paid-hosting option, will still be available to you and go to waste as you’d never have to use them. You would still effectively have to pay for them though, as that is the most basic package available through the paid-service.