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There is no enhanced way to escape from the hectic normal life than by retreating at FranceComfort L’Aveneau – Vieille Vigne holiday park, found in Les Forges, the rural area of western France.

Facilities at FranceComfort L’Aveneau – Vieille-Vigne

FranceComfort L’Aveneau – Vieille-Vigne is indisputably the place to contemplate if you need to embrace the French way of life or ‘Vacances en france‘. With numerous roomy holiday cottages, some of which have private pools plus some are pet-friendly, the entire family shall enjoy memorable moments! If you fancy something extra exerting, exploit the holiday park’s football fields, golf course, heated outdoor pool and outdoor tennis courts! FranceComfort L’Aveneau – Vieille-Vigne is one of the superb stop-off whenever on a road-trip down the west coastline of France, with unrestricted parking area at the holiday park.


Like you can tell, this spot is the pleasant dream place within the French countryside. Together with the numerous prospects to get outside at the park itself, you will discover various accessible spots. The beach, town, and nature neighbouring FranceComfort L’Aveneau – Vieille-Vigne holiday park, offer countless opportunities to sightsee the several allures of France. An hour drives away; you will find the attractive regional park: Parc naturel régional du Marais poitevin, an excellent setting for a beautiful outing. Poitiers is only 45 minutes away, a town identified for its ancient architecture. The shoreline can be reached within one and a half hours, with spectacular sights of Biscay’s Bay.


Well-bred dogs are welcome inside the park. There are a handful of holiday homes obtainable for dogs. Dogs are not allowed in all other villas. These holiday homes are thus appropriate for visitors who are hypersensitive to pets, for instance. Specify if you are allergic to your booking.


You will be needed to pay a deposit of €300 on arrival. Please employ a bank card or credit card. € 300 shall be blocked (thus not lost!) on your account. Roughly one week after leaving, the blockade shall be removed if there isn’t any destruction. For those who don’t take advantage of this reservation alternative but necessarily pay (by cash or bank) then the sum shall be reimbursed after about a fortnight after your departure.


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