Four Tips That Will Help You Pick a Great Hotel for Your Holiday

When booking a trip, there is a whole lot of attention given to the destination and the activities that you plan on doing while on vacation. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, your actual accommodations are something that should also get attention. Your accommodations can literally make or break your holiday, completely transforming the type of vacation you have.

So, how can you pick that “perfect” hotel when often you’re booking accommodations in a city/town you’ve never traveled to before, and know nothing about? Not to worry, as we’ve put together four tips that will help ensure that you pick a great hotel, no matter where you plan on going for your vacation.

Figure Out the Best Location for Your Itinerary

The first place to start is with a map. Take a look at where the activities, sites, and attractions are that you want to visit then pinpoint a central location on the map. You have now created a rough idea of where you want to stay. Most people don’t want to have to travel far while on vacation; they want to be centrally located, which makes sightseeing and getting around a lot easier. As an example, if you are visiting Temple in Arizona for a music festival. You might first find out the location of the festival and then search for tempe arizona hotels nearby on the internet to find a suitable stay. That way, you won’t have to spend more time and money traveling to the destination.

Similarly, if you’re visiting a big city such as Rome, you don’t want to be staying 30 minutes outside the city-center and then having to deal with transportation issues every single day.

Read Online Reviews and Check Out Traveler Photos

Once you narrow down the location, you can make a list of all the hotels in that area. From there, a little online research is in order. It’s a good idea to see what other travelers have to say about their stay, check out any photos they may have posted, and get an idea of what the hotel/resort is like.

The site is a fabulous source of information providing reviews of hotels in some of the top international destinations. You can read up on hotels in Geneva, Amsterdam, Milan, New York, Dubai, Las Vegas, Paris, and many more.

Make a List of Must-Have Amenities

In order to further narrow down your list, you can make a list of must-have amenities. This is all personal preference, as each person will have their own must-haves. It could include such things as free Wi-Fi, a business center, a workout center, 24-hour room service, laundry services, a swimming pool, kid-friendly accommodations, a restaurant on-site, etc.

Set a Budget

It’s also wise to set a budget so you don’t find yourself spending more than you anticipated on your accommodations. Sticking to the budget will help ensure that you have enough money left for dining, tours, sightseeing, and shopping.

Be Confident in Your Hotel Choice

These tips are meant to take the questions and confusion out of booking accommodations on your next trip. By following these tips, you’ll be much better equipped to find that “perfect” spot that helps make your vacation memorable, smooth, and fun.



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