Filipino Sailing School Trains Students on World-Class Bénéteau Boats

Like a beacon beckoning boats to the shore, the Lighthouse Marina Resort stands as the most distinctive landmark at the Moonbay Marina Complex, a small community nestled in the heart of the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. This delightfully charming seaside location, situated some 100 km from Manila Bay, is the headquarters of the newly established Europa Sailing School, now regarded by many as the premier sailing school in the Philippines.

Stepping into the beachfront, visitors to the resort will find the surest sign that the Philippines’ newest sailing school has made its home here: a fleet of brand-new Bénéteau First 14 boats. These state-of-the-art compact watercrafts are now being used by students here during their practical sailing classes with their instructors. Provided by Europa Yachts Philippines—the country’s top distributor of sailboats and motorboats from leading European boatbuilders—these vessels were awarded to the school as part of a collaborative endeavor with the Subic Sailing Club and the IYFR Subic Sailing School to raise the level of sailing education in the Philippines.

Introducing the Bénéteau Brand to a More Filipino Sailors

According to Richard Sarinas, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Europa Yachts, their company expects the Subic Sailing School to be the initial base for the expansion of the Bénéteau brand in the Philippines, a market where other names in the yachting industry have found success in recent years.

“Since Europa Yacht’s establishment in 2012, the catamarans made by Lagoon have been our bestsellers. With their well-balanced configuration, expansive volumes inside and on deck, and shallow drafts that allow boaters to get close to shore, they’re simply perfect for nautical adventures in the Philippines. However, we would like to show boating enthusiasts in the country that monohulls from Bénéteau are just as stylish and as practical to own as their multi-hull counterparts,” he said.

Indeed, Lagoon boats have become a favorite of Philippine-based sailors and boat owners in recent years. Big sailing events centered around Lagoon vessels like the Lagoon Escapade—the latest of which was held in the waters around Puerto Galera in April 2019—stand as testament to the brand’s successful foray in the country.

But while Bénéteau Group—one of the most illustrious names in the world of yachting—counts Lagoon as part of its family of brands, the French boatbuilding conglomerate has many other watercrafts worthy of notice, particularly those that originate from the main Bénéteau family of vessels.

“This year, we are looking forward to introducing more of these monohull watercrafts from Bénéteau, which include some of their award-winning and globally acclaimed vessels,” Richard said. “We also want our customers to get to know some of our newer boats, including the Bénéteau Oceanis 40.1 and Oceanis 54 yachts, and the Bénéteau First 14, which, as you know, is now being used by Europa Sailing School to instruct their students.”

The Bénéteau First 14: Truly the First in Its Category

Designed by the celebrated naval architect Sam Manuard, the Bénéteau First 14 stands out both because of her design and ergonomics, as well as her speed, stability, and agility on water. With her easy operability and self-tacking jib, she really is indeed an ideal vessel for introducing anyone to the joys of sailing.

Moreover, with a set of mainsail, jib, and spinnaker that can be reduced under sail, seasoned sailors will be able to take her out in heavy air. Her double center-board casing also means that she can be sailed solo or two-handed. Lone sailors can simply move the centerboard aft of the boat and get the Bénéteau First 14 cat-rigged, while those sailing in tandem can adjust the centerboard further forward and use a set of three sails.

“The Bénéteau First 14 is incredibly simple, comfortable and clutter-free—just what the student-sailors of the Europa Sailing School need for their first sailing lessons. However, this boat is also highly adaptable to all skill levels, so even expert sailors will find pleasure in getting her on the water,” Richard said.

To learn more about the Europa Sailing School and the Bénéteau First 14, please visit Europa Yachts’ official website. You may also send an email to or call (+63-2) 8553-2027 for related inquiries.