Factors That Contribute to Accommodation Prices

Because I actually risk opening up a huge can of worms with my exploration of this topic of how various factors affect the price you’d pay for accommodation when travelling, I must proclaim that I’m not going to be getting into great detail with each and every possible factor. That would be near impossible, simply because many of these factors are dynamic and there are just way too many of them. Some of them even form dynamically overnight, influenced by equally dynamic factors which are sometimes even in turn affected by the discretion of the owner or manager of the property in charge of setting the price.

All of that said, there are some common factors which affect the price you’ll have to pay for your place of lodging when you travel, many of which might be unexpected and make for some interesting reading to observe.

Regional property prices

Property prices are generally a very accurate indicator for the prices to be set to let those properties out to travellers seeking a place to stay while visiting the area, but so many other factors are encompassed by that, that it can be a really misleading metric to try and use to work out the average price of accommodation. For example, if you found yourself in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the price of the properties in an up-market suburb such as Sumare would suggest that you’d have to dig deep in order to lodge in the area, but that’s not entirely the case. The houses are indeed “ridiculous” as one traveller from the US put it, making reference to their size and beauty, but quite a few of those houses are indeed backpackers’ hostels. It’s comparatively cheap to stay in a four-bed dormitory room than what you’d pay in another mega city anywhere in the world, for instance, especially if you stay for longer.

So regional property prices perhaps have a bearing insofar as the type of accommodation which is offered by those properties.

Economic factors

There are also economic factors which usually arise out of the specific location of the property relative to the local environment, such as how close to or faraway from all the conveniences and amenities it is. In addition to that, there would also be factors like how much the upkeep of the accommodation usually costs. For example, if a homestay gets cleaning services done by professional cleaning firms like Nashville Maids, you might have to give a higher price than you usually would have to, but it would also ensure that there is no problem in the hygiene aspect of things!

In other terms, this can sometimes mean that you pay a higher price for a room in a hotel just because it’s close to the local schools, when schools have nothing to do with what you’re visiting the area for.

Environmental factors

What are perhaps more interesting factors contributing to the price of a bed or a room in a specific area are those which have something to do with the local environment. If a specific region has a problem with a certain type of pest for example, part of maintaining that property involves the costs associated with keeping the pests under control. However, when it comes to something like Oregon pest control specifically, the local industry is so well developed, led by a specialist in the field that the subsequent service offered pretty much has no bearing on the subsequent price of the property up-keep.

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