Exploring the Growing Popularity of Serviced Apartments

With the air travel industry becoming ever more accessible to pretty much anyone who harbours a desire to jump on a plane and jet off somewhere, many other peripheral industries and markets are getting the memo and jumping on board. Accommodation isn’t a peripheral industry of the greater travel industry though, making for one full half of the core – I mean you need somewhere to go/sleep when you’re jetting off. The peripheral industries I’m talking about would include the likes of the activities one would explore at their destination, so too the likes of the local transportation in and around your destination.

This swiftly brings accommodation back into the fold as a key discussion point, particularly the growing popularity of a specific type of accommodation in serviced apartments. There has not only been a spike in the number of serviced apartment units opening up for occupation worldwide, but an equal spike in their actual occupation. If we’re going to talk about demand then we’re getting into the territory of an under-supply since the likes of serviced apartments in Frankfurt and other similar economic travel hubs always seem to be in demand. If they aren’t occupied then any vacancies get snapped up very quickly.

Why the spike in popularity though?

Convenience meets budget

There is no doubt about the fact that a serviced apartment offers pretty much the ultimate level of convenience if you’re not too keen on the overly formal structure of something like a hotel and yet at the same time you’re not comfortable with backpacker-type settings. For a very long time though, serviced apartments were seen as somewhat of an expensive option of getting accommodation when you’re travelling for both business and pleasure, but that has recently changed.

Price-wise a serviced apartment still appears to be more expensive than a lot of other types of accommodation options, but if you take everything about a serviced apartment into consideration, it actually works out to be a much more cost-effective option. I mean for one, the apartment is fully serviced, as the name suggests, which means that you pretty much won’t have to pay a single cent more just to get yourself organised and comfortable. No extra costs for hiring somewhere like this Austin house cleaning service to give your apartment a spring clean, or extra costs for power/water use. The price is mostly all-inclusive and you can enjoy the convenience of preparing your own food in private if you want, or you can order in to have your fill delivered right to your door.

Convenience does indeed meet budget with modern day serviced apartments.

The comfort of home

The other reason why serviced apartments have witnessed a rise in their popularity amongst different types of travellers is that of how they make you feel like you’re at home. It’s typically a comfortable experience staying in a fully serviced apartment, with all the privacy you could ever want as well.

This level of comfort is usually only available to someone who is managing their own domestic space like your apartment or house, so the fact that it has become more accessible through serviced apartments has contributed greatly to more travellers choosing this option.

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