Exploring Memphis for an Authentic Cultural Experience

While I definitely encourage my local compatriots to gift themselves the privilege of exploring Memphis as part of their travels, I guess this would be aimed more at the international travelers flying into the States. I’m well aware that Memphis does feature quite high up on the more extensive lists of destinations to hit if you were visiting the United States, but unfortunately it doesn’t feature high-up enough on the less extensive lists, which list the regulars, such as New York and even the likes of Las Vegas.

If it’s some truly authentic culture you want in your experience of visiting a local destination in the U.S., head down to southwest Tennessee and you’ll be in for a real treat, encompassing authentic culture that transcends everyday life and permeates the lives of the rich and famous who owe huge portions of their wealth and fame to the inspiration drawn from the city that compels you to just bare your soul.

Memphis is about as American as cities get, echoing some shades of the likes of New York, but as much as you can find a yellow taxi cab to get you around, as you would in New York, in Memphis the drive will be less about honoring the grinding wheel and more about seeking a truly cultural experience lying in wait at every corner. Take your pick from any of the many downtown Memphis restaurants and the characteristic cultural refinement will have you wanting to take whatever culinary experience you have back home with you, whether you’re a local, you come from another state or indeed if you’re an international traveler. Enjoy a barbecue, for instance, and you’ll probably be heading back home with a good supply of the barbecue sauce which forms part of what makes the city so popular for its iconic barbecue culture.

There are plenty of different food outlets at which to get your fill or merely to sample what appears to be an endless range of authentic cuisine, with the city perhaps going one-up on the likes of New York as a result of more refinement in the different cuisines on offer.

Food undoubtedly forms a huge part of any culture, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg as far as what Memphis has on offer. The different ways through which you could immerse yourself in the blues, rock ‘n roll and soul culture that helped make the region so famous are too numerous to name here, so you can check out We Are Memphis to get the low-down on that and pretty much every other aspect of what the city has on offer.

Keep up with the times if you want, staying up-to-date with current and upcoming events, or go back in time with a visit to some of the museums and other attractions which help to preserve the rich and diverse culture of all the inspiration which came out the city of Memphis just being what it is – a treasure trove of authentic cultural experiences.

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