Enjoying My Life

I’d often sit at my desk struggling to focus on the task at hand. Don’t get me wrong, I like my job as a blogger, but not half as much as I like traveling to far-flung places across the globe. Perhaps I have a split personality, with one part of me content to partake in the daily rut and the other longing to escape to the extreme.

Leaning back in my swivel chair, I’m pretty satisfied with my current mix of rat race and adventure. I probably need both, a bit of stability and a large dollop of extreme travel.In any case, I started this website and blog to share my travel tips and let you in on my extreme travel secrets. This is no ordinary travel blog, believe me. My aim is to dish up unusual destinations, places unknown along with a bucket full of travel hacks that will save you lots of time and cash.

How It All Began

To be fair to my parents, they were the ones to stir the traveller in me. When we were kids, they recognized my restlessness and, because they loved traveling, took every opportunity to bring us kids somewhere. Initially, we’d just get into the car on a Friday night and drive into the sunsets, usually with little preparation. Not once did they have a hotel lined up for the night, they preferred to just see where the road would take us. For us kids, this was mind-blowing and instilled an enormous trust in the journey. When I became a teenager, I realized that this seemingly aimless way of traveling had thought me to trust the flow and allow the journey to unfold.

This quality has proven invaluable, not just for traveling but also for my life. I rarely worry and am always confident that the right job or place or person will show up at the right time.

I reckon because of these family trips I began traveling further and further afield, away from usual travel destinations. As a result, I was privileged to visit incredible, unknown places that have forever changed my perspective and opened my mind.

So, thank you, Mom and Dad!

School and College

I had a love-hate relationship with the school. On one hand, I loved hanging out with my friends and learning some of the stuff, on the other hand, I was constantly restless. Sitting still was a struggle unless we were doing my favourite subjects. It’s not that I had difficulty in learning, in fact, I excelled at maths, but most of the stuff failed to capture my imagination.

If it hadn’t been for our weekend trips, I wouldn’t have survived my school days.

One of the only things I enjoyed was computer science, and during high school, it soon became clear that the only possible career path was in IT. As a result, I studied computer science at college, graduated, and quickly found a job with a decent salary. The tech industry is not slowing down, it is evident that there will be an increased amount of career opportunities in it, with many people being able to find a job that suits their skills and expertise.

Throughout college, I worked evenings and weekends to save up and travel during the summer. Once I was an adult, I started traveling on my own whenever the opportunity presented itself. I started by going to South America during the summer after completing the first year. I remember traveling on a shoe-string budget and having to be ultra-resourceful throughout the trip. But somehow, I always landed on my feet.

Each summer after that, I picked a new destination and took off, much to the delight of my parents who supported me all the way.

Much to my surprise, I good an excellent degree and had no trouble finding a lucrative job. The one major drawback was the shortage of holidays. I soon discovered that I could work overtime to gain extra days off and from then on, I started working long hours for longer vacations.

My boss was happy with my performance and content to allow me to work that way.

30 Countries – So Far!

I’m 35 now and have already visited 30 countries across the globe. Each one offered something different, and on each journey, I tried to capture the true essence of the place I was visiting. Tourist destinations soon lost their appeal, and I began seeking out extreme adventure destinations instead. With a bit of research, you can find incredible places, especially if you are willing to go the extra mile. An open mind and willingness to take risks also come in handy. As you go through this website, you’ll find out about many unusual destinations and will hopefully be inspired to follow my footsteps.

This Website

I had lots of reasons for starting this website. For starters, I wanted to keep in touch with family and friends. Secondly, I wanted to publish information on extreme travel destinations. Thirdly, I wanted to create a platform for fellow travellers and travel bloggers as well as keep in touch with all the great people I met on my adventures. Lastly, my dream is to one day, travel full-time and make a living as the ultimate extreme travel blogger. You can also find my top tips for great products to take on your travels here at this great review site: Only Reviews

So far so good. The website is getting more hits each month, I am enjoying the process and hopefully, you’ll enjoy visiting the site and find lots of useful information here. Don’t forget to get in touch if you would like to ask questions or contribute to this website. Read on to find out about guest blogging, advertising, and other ways of collaborating.