Dubai’s best romantic experiences

Dubai is a city that never seizes to amaze. With so much going on all the time and a population of so many different cultures, you never know when cupid might strike its bow. When love is in the air, you need the perfect setting and atmosphere. Maybe you want to spend some romantic time with your loved one or impress someone with an unforgettable date. There are some great options that will spark the romance and if you’ve already bought your perfect 2 carat oval engagement ring or a diamond-cut ring then these experiences will urge you to pop the question!

Luxury yacht cruise

You may not own a yacht, but you can easily organize one for a day or a couple of hours. The surroundings of blue water, the open sky, and a luxury yacht charter Dubai will definitely work towards an intimate feeling. It can be a romantic dinner in the deep sea, a two hour cruise on a sunny day, or even both. Make sure to book chartered yacht in Dubai from any of the certified companies, like –, they offer a fully insured trip.

Desert Safari Dubai

Watching a sunrise or a sunset in the desert is one of the most romantic things you can do in Dubai. The stunning beauty of the nature around you will spark the deepest feelings of affection. Book an evening desert safari, or an overnight desert safari or a morning desert safari for an amazing date that your loved one will never forget.

Air balloon ride

Gliding through the sky, high above the earthly worries of the world, an air balloon ride is a setting worthy of popping the big question. The endless desert dunes below turn golden as the sun rises right across you – a truly breathtaking moment. Take the camera to capture the special moments of your flight. They will be nice memories to show your children and grandchildren.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina

There are thousands of restaurants offering almost every cuisine of the world. Pick one with a super romantic ambience; a remote and secluded table near the beach is not a bad option. If you want to impress your date, you can do something original and make it a romantic dinner on a traditional wooden dhow cruise Dubai. Enjoy the glimmering lights of the city in the night sky as you slowly glide through the water of the Dubai Marina. A dinner in the cozy settings of a dhow will guarantee a lovely evening.