Do you want to carry your e-cig with you on your next vacation?

Do you want to carry your e-cig with you on your next vacation?

You might be eager to spend this year’s summer in search of the hottest destinations to get that tan. But if you wish to carry your e-cig with you, you have to beware. Did you think how extreme heat will have an adverse impact on the e-liquid and the battery? If you leave your e-cigarettes in the heat for a very long time, the flavor will gradually change leaving you with a vape which is not up to the mark. The liquid becomes runnier, thinner and there is an impact on the way it gets vaporized.

Heat even has an adverse impact on nicotine because it breaks down and loses its potency. Since you have to invest in your eliquids, it’s worth to ensure that it is cool and nice. There are some who even keep their vape liquids in the refrigerator to ensure it’s as fresh as possible. Before you get your e-cigs from, you should know the things to take care of.

The laws of the land

It is easy enough to get the laws about e-cigs in the United States and if you’re not sure about them, you are always open to asking someone. But what would happen if you’re traveling abroad and you don’t know their language? It is vital for the vaper of a product such as the Lost Mary BM600 to know about the vaping laws as there are too many places where vaping is not allowed. Brazil and Mexico are 2 examples of countries where e-liquids are banned completely. This is especially important to look out for if you are using a weed disposable vape pen. Hence, before you book a jet for your next vacation, you should do your research on the Global Vaping Laws.

Can you vape on a plane?

You can no longer use your e-cigarettes on flights and hence if you’re addicted to vaping, you should take a vape break before you check in to the airport. You will also require carrying the e-liquid in a container before you board the flight. Keep the bottles of e-liquid in a clean plastic bag and don’t take liquid that weighs more than 3.4 ounces as they will snatch it from you. Also disconnect the tank from the battery and wrap the tank or spare liquid with paper towels and place it in a Ziploc bag. There will be a change in pressure when the e-liquid travels on air. However, when you take this precaution, you won’t let the e-liquid from spilling on the belongings.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about how you should carry your vape pens for your next vacation, take into account the above mentioned facts before reaching your destination.