Do these things to look like a pro on your first ski holiday

So you’ve decided to opt for a skiing holiday, but you’ve realised you have all the gear but no idea.

Do these three things and you’ll look like you’ve been skiing forever:

Close the gap between your helmet and goggles

Avoid the awkward tan line that new skiers get by closing the gap between your helmet and your googles.

Instead of having your helmet resting on your head, pull it right down so it covers your forehead and meets your ski goggles.

Untuck your trousers

Untucking your trousers may seem like something your mum would tell you to do, but it’s a common mistake that people make when they’re in a hurry to get on the slopes. By making sure your ski trousers come all the down over your ski boots you’ll keep out the snow and avoid having soggy feet.

Carry your skis over your shoulder

Rather than trying to awkwardly hold your skis together and up off the ground, simply fix your bindings together properly and hold your skis on the bottom half so they’re resting upwards over your shoulders but aren’t completely parallel to the floor.

This way you’re less likely to drop them, trip over them or hit a fellow skier.

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