Diving in Komodo Island

If you have been yearning to go on a diving holiday, Komodo Island is your best bet. You will certainly get value for your money here. Adventure awaits you not only under the sea but also on land.

Komodo is ranked among Indonesia’s top diving destinations. You most likely see more sea life here than anywhere else in the world. Some of the attractions that await you include the following:

  • Manta rays
  • Vast schools of fish
  • Colorful reefs
  • Sharks

Multiple Diving Sites                           

Komodo Island presents multiple dive sites for your aqua pleasure. These dive locations are perfectly designed for drift diving. Visitors are able to experience the varieties of attractions that the different sites have to offer.

The island is remote compared to other destinations such as Bali. However, you will not run short of adventures. Apart from diving, Komodo is famous for the world-renowned Komodo dragon; the largest lizard on the planet.

You can take a break from diving and make a date with the fearsome dragons for a day of dragon watching. You get to watch them in their natural habitat.

Need to Know                                                    

While Indonesia is known for its tropical temperatures, it can be quite chilly under the sea. The temperatures have been known to dip as low as 77°F/ 25°C. In addition to your basic 3mm elementary bathing suit, add a hood or additional layers of neoprene.

Also, the currents are strong in this area. Komodo Island diving is strongly recommended for seasoned divers. If you are a rookie diver, you may need to seek guidance on the best diving sites for you.

There are no specific diving seasons in Komodo Island as the weather is mostly dry. Diving takes place all year round.

Spot Some Sharks!

If the idea of seeing sharks does not fill you with trepidation, you are in for a treat.  Head over to the north area of the National Park. There are some good underwater seamounts from where you can safely observe them. At 20-30 meters, visibility is excellent.

You may require a reef hook if the current is too strong. This area allows divers to experience the most thrilling drift dives. There are a number of channels between the islands. These channels have rapid currents.

The Best Dive Sites

As mentioned earlier, Komodo has a wide variety of dive sites to offer. Some of the best ones include the following:

Tatawa Kecil

This is a small island with a big reputation. Lauded as a Komodo classic, this underwater playground offers attractions such as:

  • Small caves
  • Boomies
  • Swim-throughs
  • Valleys with a wide range of sea life

Cannibal Rock

If you are into photography, you will love this one. Cannibal Rock has an astonishing range of unusual marine life such as:

  • Pygmy sea horses
  • Nudibranchs
  • Frogfish
  • Coleman shrimp

Your camera roll will be the envy of every macro photographer. What with the images of radiant corals as well as invertebrate species? They will be begging for a guided tour of the site.

The Cauldron

As the name suggests, this crater resembles the top of a boiling pot. There are lots of hidden places to explore here. In addition, you will find one side dominated by macro life. Then, you go down to the bottom and find an astonishing array of big fish. This is definitely a place to visit for those Instagram-worthy photos.

Batu Bolong

This one is simply irresistible to marine life. You will find just about all of them here from sharks, tuna to the small fishes waltzing around in formation.


More swim-throughs can be found here. Additionally, there is a nice number of caves to visit. However, you may find a few of them occupied; not by humans. If you are not too fond of visiting with animals that prefer the cave life, there is the marine life to watch.

These species are in plenty:

  • Moray eels
  • Turtles
  • Sharks
  • Reef fish
  • Varieties of crustaceans


Komodo is an enchanting place to visit. There are dreamy diving sites as well as remarkable marine life and caves to explore.  Furthermore, you have the Komodo dragon to keep your adrenaline churning.