Common Injuries In Pedestrian Accidents

Every year, over a thousand pedestrians die in road accidents, and around 15,000 of them end up with severe injuries. It is not surprising that getting hit by a car results in harsh and dangerous consequences for a pedestrian. From minor cuts to brain injuries to death, the risks of going on a walk down the streets are endless. And, while more and more local authorities are looking to get as much steel pipe bollard detail onto their sidewalks as possible to protect pedestrians, it appears that this cannot come quickly enough.

Despite the government’s efforts to warn the road users about its dangers, thousands of drivers showcase their negligence on the road. If you have sustained catastrophic injuries from a car-pedestrian accident, a pedestrian injury lawyer can help you recover the compensation you need.

Common injuries in pedestrian accidents

  1. Fractures.

When you get hit by a speeding vehicle and/or crushed under a car, you can face multiple fractures in the spine, neck, back, and hips. While fractures often heal with treatment and time, you will probably have to go through multiple costly surgeries and a lengthy recovery period. And in such a case, if you do not have financial backing, your entire finances might suffer. It would be wise to be in touch with a firm similar to Tom Fowler Law in your vicinity, that can assist you to get the financial claim you deserve if one such case ever arises. Your expenses would apparently be taken care of with such aid, but you probably would not be able to return to your normal life anytime soon, and it would be long before you could regain your normal motor functions.

  1. Brain injuries.

Brain injuries are common in car accidents. Brain injuries occur when your head experiences a sudden blow that jolts your brain to collide with your skull, and even twist slightly resulting in brain tissue damage. In severe cases, pieces of the skull can even break and cause punctures in your brain.

Traumatic brain injuries have short-term and long-term consequences, including brain damage and impaired cognitive function. Other complications may include seizures, chronic pain, altered pain, early-onset Alzheimer’s, and even death. Luckily for milder traumatic brain injuries such as concussions, there are possible treatments such as vestibular therapy for concussions and small mental recovery exercises that may be recommended by a healthcare professional. These might be able to assist an individual suffering from TBI (traumatic brain injury) with their recovery.

  1. Soft tissue damage.

Soft tissue damages include sprains, strains, lacerations, contusions, dislocations, and muscle tears. While most people can recover from these conditions quickly with medical treatment, they can indeed cause a great deal of pain, scars, and sometimes long-term consequences.

  1. Spinal cord injuries.

Car crashes are the leading cause of spinal cord injuries. These injuries require some of the costliest medical treatments, surgeries, and long-term care, as they can potentially result in permanent paralysis.

Other significant complications from spinal cord injuries may include the following:

  • Loss of sexual function or drive
  • Bowel and bladder dysfunction
  • Muscle stops functioning below the injury site

A person’s life does not remain the same after a spinal cord injury, even after spending hundreds of thousands on medical care.

  1. Internal injuries.

Internal injuries are a common occurrence after getting hit by a car. They do not usually appear on the outside and require a professional diagnosis. Common types of internal injuries may include:

  • Collapsed lungs
  • Internal bleeding
  • Broken ribs
  • Ruptured spleen
  • Organ damage

If you or your family member has acquired life-changing injuries because of a negligent person, you deserve justice. Contact a lawyer today to determine the compensation you deserve.

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