Coffee Road Trip: Top 10 Coffee Destinations in the U.S.

Coffee isn’t just a European thing. In the United States, coffee culture is booming, and there are serious coffee spots worth visiting with impressive, artsy drinks, delicious roasts, and carefully decorated coffee houses to satisfy even the biggest coffee snob. From Virginia to Oregon, these are the best 10 coffee destinations to stop at on your next U.S. road trip!

Vienna, Virginia: Caffe Amouri

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A 20-year idea turned reality, Caffe Amouri has become the go-to coffeeshop for Northern Virginia natives. Caffe Amouri is everything that serious coffee drinkers want in a local shop: a roaster that creates incredible coffee, a warm space to for the town to share, and the community based events every single weekend. Owner Michael Amouri prides his business on their message: “Quality, Sustainability, and Community”. Creating great coffee for the last 9 years, Caffe Amouri is the ultimate coffeeshop experience for any espresso or tea drinker who is looking for a shop that makes a difference! And their espresso, served with dark chocolate, is to die for.

Hyattsville, Maryland: Vigilante Coffee

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Located between Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, DC, Vigilante Coffee is the perfect coffeeshop for those looking for delicious espresso and a spacious, sunlit shop. Their original roastery and café is in the heart of Hyattsville, Maryland, providing locals with an amazing space to work and sip, and outdoor seating that’s perfect for socializing. On top of being an amazing coffee shop and roastery, Vigilante Coffee holds classes on all things coffee throughout the year. All beans at Vigilante Coffee are sustainability sourced, so customers can sip their brew without guilt!

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Chapterhouse Café & Gallery

Facebook: @ChapterhouseCafe

Chapterhouse Café & Gallery was the perfect ending to our day trip in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A day filled with wandering through modern art exhibits, we happened to come across this gem. Chapterhouse Café & Gallery’s cozy shop feels like a home away from home. Enjoy one of their many amazing lattes while looking at all the incredible art pieces from local PA artists throughout the shop. Their menu is packed with a variety of fair-trade coffees and teas, and their shop has plenty of room for customers to find their new favorite homey spot. Chapterhouse Café has an inviting atmosphere that’s perfect for the ultimate “curl-up with a good book” Fall kind of day. With their gallery changing every 3 months, Chapterhouse Café always has something new to offer!

Dallas, Texas: Stupid Good Coffee

IG: StupidGoodCoffee

Stupid Good Coffee is probably the quirkiest coffee shop that we could find. Located in downtown Dallas, Texas, Stupid Good Coffee really lives up to their moto: “If it’s not Stupid Good, it’s just plain stupid.” Their coffee is great, but the atmosphere really takes this shop to the next level. Located on the second floor of their shared building, Stupid Good Coffee is a pleasant surprise. With awesome seating that features a pretty street-side view, enjoy one of their many sustainably sourced drinks like the Rolling Stone latte. The awesome atmosphere makes Stupid Good Coffee a must visit when in Dallas!

New York, New York: Grounded Coffee House

What brought me into Grounded Coffee House was the comfy atmosphere, with the abundance of greenery and plants among the seats, but what made me stay was the delicious seasonal lattes! Grounded Coffee House is a great space for settling in and getting work done. Among New York’s busy West Village neighborhood, this small shop is a nice little escape from the hectic NYC atmosphere. With their awesome sandwiches, signature smoothies, abundant tea list, and creative espresso drinks, Grounded Coffee House might just become your new favorite coffeeshop in New York City.

Chicago, Illinois: Limitless Coffee & Tea – Fulton Market

Come for their Instagram worthy Charcoal Latte, stay for the vegan-friendly menu and great vibes. Located in Fulton Market, among Chicago’s Fulton River District, Limitless Coffee & Tea takes latte art to the next level. Opened in 2018, Limitless might be a new coffee shop, but every drink seems to be a mastery of coffee and creative work of art that’s equally delicious. A great spot to sip and work or catch up with friends over brunch, Limitless Coffee & Tea has plenty of seating with natural light in a space that’s just perfect for sipping and savoring an artsy mug. Fans of amazing coffee and cool coffee atmospheres will chill at Limitless every time they’re Chicago.

Nashville, Tennessee: Humphreys Street Coffee Shop

IG: @HumphreysStreet

Located in Nashville, Tennessee, Humphreys Street Coffee Shop is an amazing mix between a hip coffee company and a nonprofit organization. Established in 2008, Humphreys Street continues to hire teenagers from low income communities around Nashville in order to support their local community. 100% of the profits made at this local shop go right back to programs that help support and mentor teenagers like those who work at Humphreys Street! This amazing shop also has incredible coffee, an awesome food menu, and a bright, spacious layout with a ton of seating. When in Nashville, go to Humphreys Street to Drink Good Coffee for a Change!

Denver, Colorado: The Molecule Effect

IG: @TheMoleculeEffect

Art, Drinks, Coffee: what more could you want? The Molecule Effect has become somewhat of a staple for Denver natives. Located in the heart of the Denver Art District, owners Mark and Megyn have created an art lovers safe haven! Mixing an art exhibit, a wine bar, and a coffeehouse all in one, they’ve created a space that supports local, up-and-coming artists, and a space for the community to meet, hang out, and hold events, all while drinking delicious coffee. When in Colorado, do as the locals do and check out The Molecule Effect.

Portland, Oregon: KIOSKO

IG: @KioskoCoffee

Creating an inviting, quant space with awesome coffee, owners Angel and Lucy opened KIOSKO’s doors in 2017. Since then, they’ve opened two other amazing coffee spots around Portland, Oregon that all have their own, unique feel. Known for their beautiful and creative latte art, KIOSKO’s coffee menu never fails to satisfy any coffee lovers palette. KIOSKO is located along the Marina in Portland, offering a lovely atmosphere that won’t disappoint. Get one of their delicious lattes and settle in to the tranquil space of KIOSKO.

Miami, Florida: Panther Coffee

IG: @PantherCoffee

Open since 2010, Panther Coffee has changed the coffee game in Miami for the better. Crafting specialty, single origin coffee has been founders Leticia and Joel Pollock primary goal since deciding to move to Miami in 2008. Now, the couple has left their mark around Miami with over four new locations. Their coffee is top notch and is roasted fresh at their original 2 locations almost every day in their vintage 1920’s roaster. With a great atmosphere, decadent roastery smell, and a fantastic selection of single origin coffees, Panther Coffee is a must have when in Miami! 


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