Buying U.S. Goods and Shipping Internationally?

Ever since the rise in online markets, businesses have been able to reach more consumers than ever before. With brands now looking at international markets alongside local markets, not only have they been able to expand their brand awareness to greater levels, but they have also been able to expand production efforts, hire more employees and earn more on a larger scale.

One major hindrance when it comes to delivering goods to consumers is the high cost of international shipping and the tedious documentation that accompanies goods being imported and exported from the US Shipping address locations outside of the U.S. generally incur much higher costs than those within national borders.

To remedy these high costs, consumers in Canada have an exciting option for saving a little money when they purchase goods from U.S. markets.

U.S. Addresses

Many people believe that to have a U.S. address, you must live or have a place of residence within the United States. However, not only are there options aside from renting or buying a home stateside, but these options also offer quality services concerning the delivery and storage of goods.

Private companies are available within the U.S. that essentially act as third-party or middle-man, that will allow the shipment of goods to their U.S. shipping address and hold the items for a set amount of time.

Canadian customers can then travel to border locations throughout the states and pick up their goods in person.

Why Choose a Third-Party Address?

When purchasing goods from outside the U.S., many consumers are unaware of the tariffs and customs protocols that are involved. Not only can this impede the delivery process and extend the amount of time one has to wait to receive goods, but it also adds to the overall cost of the item tremendously.

Additionally, exporters have tons of documentation that they must fill out to meet border and customs policies for specific products. This is in place to ensure that anything shipped outside of the U.S. is safe and legal, both within the U.S. and to its country of destination.

For those in Canada, having goods shipped to a third-party address within the United States is entirely legal. This address allows Canadian consumers to bypass international tariffs and the high shipping costs associated with shipping goods outside of the United States.

Though you may have to take a little road trip to a pickup location, the cost in fuel will pale in comparison to the added cost you’d normally incur if you’d chosen to ship goods directly to a Canadian address from a U.S. manufacturer.

Considering the Benefits

It doesn’t take more time to figure out the economic advantage that reducing costs on goods can have. With costs rising in nearly every community worldwide, anyone would do well to save money wherever they can.

Though people in countries overseas will undoubtedly have to wait longer for goods to arrive and pay additional costs for international shipping, those who live in Canada are lucky to live adjacent to the U.S. because these costs and waiting periods won’t apply.

If you’re in Canada and want to buy goods from U.S. vendors, consider using a third-party shipping address and save a little money on your next purchases.