Best Sites to visit in Komodo National Park

When you think of the Komodo islands, you will have to think about things that you can do and the best sites to visit. Cruising Komodo offers a escape back in time into the Land of Dragons. Besides the Dragons, Komodo National park offers a variety of other sites and activities such as sites featuring Manta Rays, Flying Foxes a Pink beach, many smaller islands with excellent beaches and reefs to explore.

Komodo Dragons

Dragons sound like a fairy tale before you land in Indonesia. The Komodo national park giving you an opportunity to meet the dragons face-to-face. Visit Rinca or the Komodo islands to see the dragons on a guided tour with a local ranger. There are short, medium and long tracks available and also the is a good chance to encounter other wildlife such as deer and buffalos on Komodo and Rinca island.

Padar Island viewpoint

Lovers of picturesque landscapes can hire a private yacht in Komodo, the enjoy the view the three bays of Padar, and explore their unique beaches. One colored – white sandy beach, one bluish-pink one one a black beach.

Manta Rays

Snorkel or Dive with Manta Rays in Mawan, Makassar Reef or Manta Alley. Manta Rays in Komodo can be quite curious and come close to play – be respectful and don’t touch or chase them and just relax and  enjoy the magical moment instead.

Kalong Island

Kalong island is home to thousands of flying foxes, which ascent in the evening for their nightly hunt. The setting created is amazing as they rise into the sky against a backdrop of orange and red glow of the sunset.

Pink Beach “PantaiMerah

Pink Beach “Pantai Merah”

The iconic beach is famous for its soft pinkish sand that gets its color from crushed red corals brought to the shore by the tides. You can get off the yacht for stroll and photo opportunities. Pink Beach is also a perfect spot for snorkeling.

Scuba Diving Komodo Island

For advanced divers, Komodo is dream destinations with sites like Batu Bolong, Shotgun, and Castle Rock that offer some of best diving in the world. There are more than 40 Dive sites around Komodo. Beginners and Kids will also get to enjoy diving in their protected sites such as Kanawa and Sebayur.

Horseshoe Bay

The bay is also a diving spot and only for larger Yachts – so best to charter a  private Yacht in Komodo. Horseshoe Bay features dramatic landscape, making  you feel like in Jurassic Park. There are excellent snorkeling and diving sites as well as the option to see Komodo Dragons in the wild.

Sandbank in Komodo National Park

 Secret Beaches

Almost every owner of a private Yacht in Komodo knows of hidden beaches around the Komodo National Park. Relax and let them guide you to the little known wonders that take you from the usual mainstream tours.

Banta Island

On the North Western Tip of the Komodo National Park, we have the Banta Island where currents are powerful due to the large gap between Nusa and Tenggara Islands. There are also great diving sites to explore such as the GPS point, Star wars, Tanjug Rasa, and Galley Rock. This is a perfect place if you are on a long cruise Komodo or on the way to Sumbawa or Lombok.

Kanawa Island

Enjoy nature courtesy of the small and beautiful Kanawa Island. The white beach should be a favorite to the kids who want to try diving beginners’ lessons or stoll along the beach.

Snorkeling Sabolon Island

Sabolon is a favorite first stop for a first Diving or Snorkeling Session in Komodo.. Most visitors to the place want to test Snorkeling and diving experience on arrival day. Enjoy the warm waters of the Flores Island and get to see the wonder lying below the Komodo waters.


The site offers a perfect relaxation spot for diving, sea kayaking, and snorkeling activities. Diving is very relaxed, often with very little current, so perfect spot for first timers and beginners.

Siaba Besar

Siabar Besar is often referred to as “Turtle Capital” and features large numbers of sea turtles. The hard coral garden is one of the best in Komodo – a absolute highlight for divers and snorkelers alike.

Traditional Village

Come say Hi to the locals as you visit the descendants of sea gypsies in Mesa Village. Interact with the local children as you marvel at the Islanders daily live. Messa is a local word meaning “Itchy” named after the itchy sand found around this area.

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