Best Places to Celebrate Day of the Dead

The Day of Dead finds its relevance in the Mexican holiday calendar. Also known as el Día de los Muertos, this is the day when families are busy welcoming back the souls of the deceased near and dear ones. It is a brief reunion where everyone indulges with drinks, food, and huge celebrations.

This day has a special significance as people have believed for ages that the spirits of their loved ones descend on earth and visit their families.

You will find everyone gets into a celebratory mood to make the most of the day. Travelers and photographers take active participation to make the most of it. They travel to various destinations to witness and capture those moments.

If you too are among them, you will be glad to read this article. Here, you will discover vital information like knowledge about the places in Mexico and beyond, why Oaxaca in Mexico deserves a special mention and more.

Know About The Places in Mexico and Beyond

Some best-known places to make the most of this opportunity include:

  • Mexico City.
  • Janitzio, Michoacán.
  • Sumpango, Sacatepéquez, Guatemala.
  • Fet Gede, Haiti.
  • San Juan Bautista Tuxtepec, Oaxaca.
  • Pátzcuaro, Michoacán.
  • Tonacatepeque, El Salvador.

 Oaxaca in Mexico Deserves a Special Mention!

In the city of Oaxaca, Mexico, the festive environment goes to a different level altogether! For instance, you will see people busy constructing altars especially dedicated for this day. Apart from sugar skulls, you will get the opportunity to witness specialty foods such as black mole sauce.

The entire city comes under the influence of this festive affair! This is evident from the manner schools organize contests encouraging students to come out with wonderful homemade altars! Elaborate creations such as sand tapestries are visible all over the place!

This Day of Celebration is Not Restricted to Mexico Alone

These days, people are leading a very hectic lifestyle. They hardly get time to think about fond memories of their deceased loved ones and ancestors. On account of this, when they think of the Day of Dead, they do not wish to miss this golden opportunity.

This explains why this event is not restricted to Mexico anymore. On the contrary, this event is celebrated worldwide in various countries including:

  • Honduras.
  • Columbia.
  • Nicaragua.
  • Venezuela.
  • Ecuador.
  • El Salvador.
  • Peru.

What Do People Do on This Special Day?

As this is a celebratory occasion, people can be seen doing a plethora of things. This includes things like:

  • Eating favorite foods.
  • Wearing colorful costumes
  • Dancing.
  • Wearing colorful costumes.
  • Meeting at cemeteries so that they can devote quality time to the wonderful grave sites where their deceased ancestors belong to. This way they get a rare chance to learn more about these deceased ancestors’ lives. It helps people to preserve those memories for a lifetime.

Unearth The Different Activities People Perform During This Day

If you are present in any of the destinations that celebrate the Day of the Dead, you will be left smitten on witnessing those activities! This consists of activities such as:

  • You will find the entire surroundings decorated with cempasúchiles better known as marigold flowers and sugar skulls. The use of marigold flowers has special importance. It is considered to be the traditional flower meant to mark the event of Day of the Dead. Apart from this, this flower goes to signify how fragile life is. The flower in question consists of vibrant colors and a strong scent. This in turn is believed to guide the wonderful spirits of the departed individuals.
  • Organize graveside vigils and picnics.
  • Show a mark of respect by cleaning the grave sites of deceased loved ones.
  • Identify graves of loved ones and leave behind their favorite foods.

Three Important Things People Do Without Fail on This Day

While celebrating the Day of the Dead, people ensure to remember their loved ones. It is almost similar to Memorial Day held in the United States. Nevertheless, there are three things people do not forget to perform without fail. These are:

  • Visit the grave site as well as pull weeds.
  • Clean all forms of debris found on the grave.
  • Use different decoration alternatives to decorate the grave of their loved ones.

What is The Religious Connection to The Day Of The Dead? 

Yes, there is a religious connection to the Day of the Dead. This occasion has its origin in the Aztec traditions of honoring the dead. It is worth noting, this tradition is followed in various religious calendars. The only difference is, instead of celebrating the deceased, it is marked in the form of honoring saints and treating it as a holy day. For example, people following the Catholic calendar believe in All Souls Day and All Saints Day as their holy days.

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