Best Outdoor Travel Adventures For Your Summer Vacation

Summer is the best time to get outside and have some fun. Your vacation time is a great time to mix it up with nature, and there are certainly plenty of opportunities.

If you’re having trouble planning activities for your travel party this summer, a little research will get you well on your way to elation. Start your research now, and check out this brief look at some of the coolest outdoor travel adventures you can enjoy while on summer vacation.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park is a memory-making playground for yourself and your travel party. If you choose this route for your summer adventure, don’t forget to pack your hiking shoes.

You’ll have to hike to get anywhere in the park, but it’s one of the most beautiful hikes you’ll ever take in your life. You can also go swimming in a hot spring and fishing. Pack your fishing gear, and make sure you have your permit in order.

Also, it’s illegal to swim in the actual Boiling River hot spring, but you can swim in the pool where the river falls. It’s close enough, and just as breathtaking a sight.

Go hiking in Asheville

Asheville, North Carolina is too often overlooked as an adventure destination in the United States, while the area presents some of the best hiking ops in the entire country. Hiking isn’t the only perk of Asheville.

The culture is rich in the area, and you can always find a great live show at night. The great outdoors mixes well with a laid back nightlife in Asheville, North Carolina.

Check out Lake Tahoe

Visiting Lake Tahoe for your adventurous summer excursion will present you with turquoise waters with snow-capped mountains as the backdrop. You may feel like you’re on a tropical island as you swim in the pristine waters of Lake Tahoe, but the mountainous scenery will remind you just where you are.

Keep the adventures going, and rent an ATV from one of the local vendors. You’ll have a different kind of adventure on four wheels. Enjoy the entirety of the area while zooming all around the lake.

Winter sports in Telluride

Telluride, Colorado is the best place in the U.S. to get acquainted with some gnarly slopes. Skiing, snowboarding, and terrain parks will present you with every opportunity to enjoy the year round snow on the mountain.

Telluride is no stranger to travelers and tourists, so you’ll have the best of care during your stay. It may not be the most financially conscious vacation you’ve ever had, but you’ll never forget your time in Telluride. Note: Colorado is a legal state for recreational marijuana. So, if you find yourself without water pipes and bongs, then you need only have them ordered from online dispensaries. And in case you want to try something new then you can search for edible marijuana products like cinnamon hearts, organic vegan dark chocolate hearts, rope candy, and brownies. That being said, you can find plenty of online dispensaries near you, which can offer you the above-mentioned marijuana products as well as weed gummy bears for sale.