Best Online Bingo Guide to Get you Started

If you are new to online bingo it can be a little intimidating at first. Luckily, we have compiled this handy guide which should help you to get started. 

The Basics 

Before learning about online bingo games at Barbados Bingo, it is important to understand the rules of online bingo. They are generally the same as traditional bingo, players will have to mark off numbers off their cards until they have completed a line or get a full house. Online bingo differs in the way in which it is presented to players, in bingo halls there is a caller who will inform all the players of what number has been chosen. Online bingo replaces the caller with a visual representation, although all the witticisms of the bingo caller remain. Another difference is that the game can mark numbers off your card automatically, this is a big benefit for those who buy multiple cards and find it difficult to keep up with the caller in bingo halls.

Types of Online Bingo Games 

The available bingo games to play will depend on which site you are using but they mainly consist of the following games. 

90 ball bingo – This is the most common bingo game and the one in which most players will be familiar with. It is depicted in a nine by three grid and features the numbers one all the way to ninety. Usually there will be three prizes to be won, they can be won by getting two lines and a full house! 

75 ball bingo – Another bingo type which players should be somewhat familiar with. This game is played on a grid which is four by four and the numbers start at one and end at the number seventy five. Traditionally the person who marks off the pattern wins, this can be either horizontal, vertical or even diagonal. 

30 ball bingo – This type of bingo is ideal for players who wish to enjoy a fast paced and speedy game. The grid is only three by three and there are as few as thirty balls. Players should be aiming to get nine numbers to match. 

The Chatroom 

Without question, the most important and popular element of online bingo is the chatroom. Online bingo manages to successfully recreate the magic of real life bingo in many areas except for the face to face exchanges which players have. To try and circumvent this, online bingo sites use a chatroom which largely fulfills the same functions while also managing to offer a completely different experience. Using this chatroom players can speak to others, getting tips and advice from older players or just simply making friends. Online bingo lingo has managed to become its own beast recently, with many phrases and words only applicable to the online side of bingo. Even if you don’t want to socialise with other players, the chatroom still has much to offer. Every so often the chat moderator will host contests for exclusive prizes which cannot be won in any other section of the game! 


Online bingo is a great game to play, so what are you waiting for! This guide details all you should expect but the best way to experience it is to play it yourself.