Best Hotels in Al Madina for a Comfortable Hajj

Hajj is one of the most important spiritual experiences in the life of a Muslim. Many people wait their whole life for the opportunity to visit the Holy Mosques, pray in the Haram and visit the city of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). In a time of such hustle and crowds, a good hotel can provide the pilgrims with the peaceful atmosphere they need to make every moment of the important journey worthwhile. Some of our top picks for the best hotels in Madinah for a comfortable Hajj are:

  1. Shaza, Al Madinah

The Shaza chain of hotels is a renowned name among luxury hotels in the Middle East. Established with the idea of providing traditional Arabic luxury to its guests, Shaza has lived up to its name. With each hotel telling its own story through modern décor and service par excellence, Shaza Hotels certainly do not disappoint. Shaza Al Madinah is an oasis for Hajj pilgrims in one of the holiest cities in Islam. The comfort, combined with understated luxury, makes it one of the best hotels in Madina for pilgrims.

Located at optimal proximity to the Holy Mosque, sophistication and relaxation are the main aims of Shaza Al Madinah. The suites are decorated in muted rich hues which offer peace of mind to the pilgrims. The furnishings are comfortable and the rooms offer expansive views of the Holy Mosque. Complimentary tea and coffee armoire in the rooms are a reflection of the hospitality shown to guests in the time of the Prophet (PBUH). The dining options are a classic example of traditional east meeting contemporary culture, resulting in delicious culinary experiences with unparalleled views of the mosque. Other amenities such as Afiya spa, concierge services, currency exchange services, high-speed WiFi, gym and the exclusive Silk floors make Shaza Al Madinah a wholesome package which creates an ideally tranquil praying environment for pilgrims.

  1. Pullman Zamama, Madinah

Mere steps away from the Holy Mosque, the Pullman Zamzama welcomes pilgrims with open arms and steaming cups of the traditional welcoming drink of Arabic coffee. The hotel prides itself on its service and hospitality, which is without a doubt one of the most praised things about Pullman Zamzama. The rooms are large in size and are decorated elegantly to allow for ease of prayers as well as a comfortable night’s rest. Magnificent views of the Holy Mosque are available from the upper floors. There are a number of different kinds of accommodations available to suit every type of pilgrim that visits the Holy city of the Prophet (PBUH).

Dining at Pullman is an experience of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Asian flavours served with the distinct touch of Arabian hospitality and fantastic views of the Holy Mosque and the city itself. Free parking enables visitors and pilgrims to commute at their own convenience. Seamless WiFi allows pilgrims to stay connected with loved ones back home and include them in their spiritual experience. All in all, Pullman Zamzama is a great choice for pilgrims in Madinah.

  1. Crowne Plaza, Madinah

One of the best-rated locations in the city, Crowne Plaza Madinah is another good option for pilgrims looking for a peaceful stay for their visit. The hotel is at walking distance to the Holy Mosque and free shuttles are also available for pilgrims’ commute to and from the Holy Mosque. The attentive staff is always at hand to cater to the pilgrims’ every need.

The living quarters are adorned with classical motifs combined with modern design. Comfort is evidently of the utmost importance in the design of the rooms. Magnificent views of the courtyard of the Holy Mosque from the hotel are a sight for sore eyes. The basement parking provided by the hotel is useful during the peak season of Hajj when crowds are aplenty. Free WiFi, concierge services, late check-out options, international dining and close proximity to the airport make it an excellent choice for pilgrims.

  1. Oberoi Hotel, Madinah

The Oberoi hotel is another good addition in the city’s upscale hotels for pilgrims. It is located centrally, close to not only the Holy Mosque but also other religiously significant landmarks around Madinah. Each of the living quarters features a number of amenities such as a flat-screen TV and luxury furnishings. Beautiful views of the mosque are accessible from the rooms and the various in-house restaurants. The on-site dining options include a variety of international cuisine and local teas/coffees. 24-hour room service is also available.

Other facilities at the hotel include a fully equipped gym, relaxing spa services and free parking. The hotel is a 20-minute drive from the airport, whereas the sacred Al Baqi cemetery is at a drive of 10 minutes. Pilgrims staying at the Oberoi hotel will surely find it a journey of spiritual fulfilment.

Hajj is a once in a lifetime experience for most Muslims. It is important that every aspect of the journey be perfect. Choose one of our picks for a comfortable stay during your Hajj and you will not be disappointed.