Best 8 Tourist Places To Visit In Kerala

Living in the concrete jungle, you might want to breathe some fresh air, look at some greens, and fill up your soul with pleasure. If the daily, mundane affairs are making you squeamish, then yes, you do need a break, a vacation that can rejuvenate you. But where can you go to pull it all up? How about paying a visit to God’s own country?

Platforms like provide you with numerous travel packages that can help explore the beauty of this place. Yes, we are talking about a trip to Kerala and all the wonders that this South Indian gem holds. Kerela has a plethora of beautiful destinations to select from, and this platform ensures that you leverage your trip to the best! There are hill stations, backwaters, cities, hamlets, and much more for you to explore. 

So, if you’re actively looking out for a refreshing holiday, you cannot miss out on the following top tourist places in Kerala.  

Alleppey – the backwater to check-out

The beauty of Alleppy cannot be explained in words! You have to be there to let the serenity of this place purge your soul. Alleppy is a back-water hot spot in Kerala, which offers house-boat staying arrangements. Yes, you got it right; it can be compared to Venice. In fact, Lord Curzon described Alleppy as the Venice of the East. 

The absolute peace and serenity of this popular tourist destination are heightened by the presence of the beautiful chapels, paddy fields, and one of a kind fishing villages. All this makes Alleppy a must-visit tourist destination in Kerala.

Kumarakom – chasing serenity

Established close to the Vembanad Lake, Kumarakom is a small, tranquil hamlet dotted by beautiful sceneries, pleasant weather conditions, and exotic flora and fauna. Sounds exciting, right? It is even better when you get to experience it with your own eyes. One of the must-see tourist attractions in Kumarakom is the Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary. 

While visiting God’s own land, you will want to see a few of his handy work, right? The bird sanctuary is from where you can start. At Kumarakom, you are sure to get a piece of everything — authentic Keralite cuisine, the serenity of the backwaters, and an abundance of fresh air. All this topped with the refreshing fresh coconut water. What more can your dream vacation comprise of? 

Thekkady – chasing the wild

Humans often wonder what heaven looks like. In fact, there are many debates and theories on the subject. You can put an end to all of it, and be sure that heaven is where Thekkady is! 

To state in simpler terms, Thekkady is heaven, wrapped by a dense green jungle cover. Once in Thekkady, you are sure to spot a lot of exotic and rare animals. Though the list is vast, a few of them include the Great Indian tigers, bison, lions, deers, and much more.

Cochin – the land of heritage

If you want to chase the charm that the old world was so proud of, then you must visit Kochi – the area of multicultural heritage. While many plan their holidays to escape the constant clamor and smoke of city life, others organise their trips to unearth the forgotten, or to reminisce about history. 

If you’re in the second category, then Kochi/Cochin is the ideal tourist destination for you. The colonial palaces, synagogues, bungalows, churches, temples, and all the other beautiful structures present in Cochin make it one of the most memorable top tourist destinations in Kerala.

Kovalam – the magic of beaches

While in Kerala, it would be a sin to leave out this Crescent-shaped beach destination. Kovalam is a place that is dotted by coconut groves, small village settlements, and of course, beautiful sunsets. So, if you are planning on a romantic getaway, Kovalam is one place for you to consider. 

Guruvayoor – the grandeur of religion 

If you are planning on a trip down South, you cannot expect to complete it without paying a visit to its marvelous temple structures. To that end, your trip to Kerala will remain incomplete if you miss out on Guruvayoor — the melting point of Hindu architecture and culture.

Munnar – majestic hills

Another slice of heaven on Earth, Munnar, is an enthralling hill station that offers tranquil weather conditions and a chance for you to walk through the clouds. Sprawling tea estates, magical waterfalls, and beautiful lakes are the major tourist attractions of this must-visit hill station in Kerala.  

Wayanad – where nature meets heritage and adventure

Once in Wayanad, you get a chance to dip your soul in the spectacular beauty of the lofty hills, breath-taking waterfalls, and much more. On the cultural side, you will be greeted by prehistoric Hindu and Jain temples. Feeling like Indiana Jones already? Wait till you reach this glam destination.

Kerala has a lot to offer to you. Be ready to accept it all with open arms. Visit Kerala and let nature unfold right in front of your eyes.