Balancing Your Tech Use While Travelling

For a travel blogger stopping every now and then to snap a few pics is part and parcel of the “racket”, but even in that instance there comes a time when one might feel as if you use technology a bit too much while travelling. I think it would make for some rather concerning reading if you actually worked out the total time you spend looking down at your phone, uploading photos to your laptop perhaps, or just using your gadgets and gizmos.

So, in the spirit of rediscovering the purest essence of what exploring the world is all about, I’m going to walk through the use of a particular app as an example with which one can balance their use of tech while travelling.

I think it’s clear to see that my personal travels in particular have a heavy focus on more of the extreme adventure activities, but this really only comes from my deep-running love for sports, so much so that even as an American I refer to what North Americans call soccer as football. It’s football…

For this reason a lot of what I get up to and engage in must have some sort of competition tied to it – there must be some or other kind of competitive element to it. While this would then naturally guide the activities I indulge in physically, while one is exploring their destination there are indeed quite a few stretches of time which make for some “down-time”.

Contrary to what many people may think, for those of us who are frequent travellers, we don’t really take any pleasure out of just sitting around and doing nothing. You can only laze around on the beach for so long and in my specific case the entertainment and other stimulating activities I like to engage in revolves very heavily around sports.

This is where the famous William Hill name comes to the fore in that I pretty much limit the time I’d otherwise spend using my phone by using just one app that covers a lot of different needs.

You can check out William Hill’s mobile betting app here for yourself, but it goes beyond just betting on up-coming fixtures and checking the results in relation to your winnings/losses.

With this one app I get more than just a betting platform – I can cash-in on some special offers of which the intended use I extend by using the notifications feature as somewhat of an events guide. Let’s just say if there’s a sporting event in and around the destination I’m currently visiting, I know about it through the app and can make plans to attend the game live.

Naturally we all have our own interests and passions, but hopefully my explanation of how I use this particular app as one which covers a wide scope of my tech-use needs will give you ideas about how you can perhaps seek out those apps which offer more than just one function. I mean I can even get notifications sent to me automatically so that I don’t need to go online every time I want an update, something which would otherwise eat into the time I set aside to enjoy the actual destination I’m visiting.

Ultimately it’s about being able to do all you need to do on your phone or other gadgets in one session at a time and there’s no better way to do so than through the use of those apps which can do a lot of things at once.