Are North Devon Holiday Parks Kid-Friendly?

Holidays are supposed to be times to relax, have fun, and make timeless memories with the ones you love. However, all of that kind of gets thrown off track when you end up somewhere that the whole family can’t enjoy. 

If you’re planning a holiday, you might be wondering if all the North Devon holiday parks advertised are ideal for families with one or more children. 

Well, check this out. 

Beach Access: 

The North Devon holiday parks have beaches within walking distance for all park goers to enjoy. The beaches are well-maintained, secure, and have appropriate emergency staff members on-site to ensure everyone has a safe, and fun, time. 

So, you don’t have to worry about inappropriate things happening, dangerous waters going without any emergency personnel nearby for long periods of time, trash, or other negative things kids shouldn’t be around. 

Besides, who doesn’t enjoy a day at the beach? This is a win-win for kids and adults alike.


All of the parks have their own playground areas with themes relevant to the overall park theme. This gives parents a chance to unwind without having to worry about their kids, and the kids don’t have to be bored just because mom and dad want to sit back and relax for a bit. 


Do you want to have fun with your kids AND burn their energy out before bedtime? Well, you can with the sporting courts. Tennis and other sports are all accommodated, and they’re the perfect way to enjoy a little friendly competition between family members while making sure the little ones aren’t full of energy when everyone’s trying to get some sleep. 


If the beach wasn’t enough, or your child is too little to safely have fun at the beach, you’ll be happy to know the parks have waterparks built-in. 

Each park has a themed waterpark complete with slides, various pool depths, and other water-based activities to partake in. 

This is perfect for kids of all ages; including those that aren’t really equipped to swim in seawater, yet. 


There are pubs at every holiday park. However, they’re not the rough and tumble pubs you might think of. These are family-friendly dining environments where mom and dad can enjoy a couple of firm drinks, and the kids will be delighted with appropriate, kid-friendly food items. 

You don’t have to worry about the only dining experiences being more adult-oriented, and you can overall enjoy your time as a family in a family-friendly environment. 

Kid-Friendly Holidays You’ll Never Forget in North Devon

To wrap it up, the holiday parks aren’t just kid-friendly, they’re fun for the whole family. No matter the age of your kids, there will be plenty to do while visiting one of North Devon’s holiday parks, and you’ll be surprised by just how much action you can get in on, too. 

Don’t take our word for it, though. Book a stay, and take the time to find out why North Devon is such a popular holiday destination for people from all over.