If your business provides products or services for adventurers and explorers, advertising here is a complete no-brainer. Since its establishment, this website has become one of the most popular adventure/explorer site on the internet. To date, 11’000 people visit this website every month in search for products and services that will make their trip easier. Regardless of whether you are an hotelier, tour operator, travel equipment provider, guide, restauranteur or involved in the adventure travel industry in some other way, advertising here will help to grow your business.

It’s not every day, you get an advertising opportunity like this. Usually, it’s difficult to pinpoint a target audience, but this site is different. Our website data and reader feedback has indicated, that almost all our readers are in the process of planning an expedition or an adventure. During the planning stage, they gather information, book, purchase equipment, and prepare themselves for their trip. In that sense, they are purchase-ready, which is invaluable to any business providing a product or service for adventurers.

Judging from the feedback we receive from our current, often long-term advertisers, the results are tangible, lasting, and measurable. Increases in website hits and sales are almost instant, and the return on investment unrivaled.

Our 11’000 Monthly Website Visitors – Your Target Audience

Our subscriber and website visitor numbers are on the up and up. By publishing strong content daily as well as maintaining a strong presence and following on all social media platforms, we cater to our many thousand readers as well as our advertisers. It’s a match made in heaven. Business selling products and services for extreme travel meet those just about to embark on an adventure. The result: top-quality information and access to great products and services for our readers, and access to a keen customer base for our advertisers. Everyone gains.

Simple, Smart Advertising

Advertising here is simple. You get in touch, define your targets and objectives and we outline all our advertising options. Some businesses simply publish ads here, while others choose a more comprehensive option that includes social media campaigns, blogs, and affiliates along with standard ads or banners.

Our aim is to tailor the package to your needs as well as your budget because we want to collaborate long-term. To date, all our advertisers have run more than one single campaign – the strongest indication that advertising here is profitable.

Gain More Than You Invest

We don’t just want to take your money and run, we want to help you to grow your business. Bottom line, you should gain far more than you invest and that has always been our goal. So far, all our advertisers reported high returns on investment, no doubt, you’ll experience the same.

Our approach is flexible so that we can help you to reach your goal. Hence, we make changes if we feel the campaign isn’t performing as well as it should. In the end, we want your sales to increase and will do our utmost to make that happen.

Options to Suit Your Budget

Whatever your advertising budget, do get in touch because we will put together a package that suits your budget and helps you to reach your targets. Some of our advertisers started on a shoe-string budget, experienced growth, and went on to expand their advertising budget, only to gain even more. Whatever option you choose, we’ll ensure a high return on investment.

What to Do Next

You will then receive an information package and we’ll jointly discuss the best way forward.

Together, we can grow your business and tell the world about your great services or products.