Adventure Time: How To Travel With CBD?

If the vacation is already around the corner, the destination has been chosen, tickets have been bought, and suitcases have been packed, then you are ready to finally relax. But wait, how about a little bottle of CBD and other CBD infused products? If you feel the temptation to take CBD with you during your vacation, yet you don’t understand the rules on flying or travelling with CBD, this article will shed light whether it’s legal to bring CBD with you and how to travel with CBD products safely.

Numerous testimonials from CBD users and scientific research that prove the healing properties of CBD are increasing the people’s curiosity about CBD and its benefits.

For many of us, CBD has become an essential part of daily routine and effective remedy to relieve pain, stress, depression and regulate sleep. Nowadays cannabis has become a solace for many. Some cannabis smokers might consider the quality of the strain before they consume it. Marijuana is often graded as, A grade, AAA grade, mid grade weed or even high quality strains. Each one can get you in a different mood. If this info seems interesting, then do consider checking out CBD portals like Buy My Weed Online.

Travelling or flying can also be stressful for many people, that’s why individuals prefer to take CBD products on their adventure. However, the continually changing political picture that is enveloping CBD encourages many consumers to have second thoughts about carrying CBD with them and travel with this supplement. Especially if they are going away for a long time and have brought with them a CBD Wholesale of products with them.

Aside from CBD effectiveness, there is a lot of information that travellers should take into consideration. Lack of actual data or being in the dark about travelling with CBD can result in a felony, a hefty fine or even more stringent risks to stay in state prison. It might also be worth noting the legalities of CBD and other compounds found in medical marijuana in the location in which you’re travelling to. For example, if you’re travelling to Canada, you could actually leave your medical CBD products at home and visit a Canada weed dispensary to purchase your CBD products, plus more.

Driving With CBD

If you plan to travel within country borders by car, train or bus, a trip with CBD shouldn’t be a problem. Nevertheless, if you plan on crossing borders, you should do some pre-travel research. Each state has different law regulations regarding CBD products. Thus, before a trip, you should be informed whether it’s legal to bring CBD with you or better leave such a product at home.

Having CBD products in a country where CBD is banned can cause problems with law enforcement, and the trip may turn out not exactly as you planned it to be.

Flying With CBD

Nowadays, medical marijuana is considered a forbidden substance, according to the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). This means passengers can’t take this product through security as well as onto a plane.

However, let your worries fade away – this regulation includes marijuana-delivered CBD and the list of banned components doesn’t apply to hemp CBD.

Since 2018, hemp was reclassified from a controlled substance to agricultural product based on the Agricultural Improvement Act, which allows using hemp-based CBD products on a legal basis. Despite that, it’s important to make sure that the CBD product is made from agricultural hemp and contains less than 0.3% of the THC compound. High concentrated CBD products are strictly illegal, and you can’t bring them with you onto a plane.

Travelling by plane with purchased CBD products that include determined THC amounts is approved and won’t cause issues.

Cruise Lines With CBD

Many cruise liners don’t allow any CBD infused products even if you have a medical prescription for CBD use.

To avoid any risks to be restricted from boarding or being removed from the ship, it would be better to keep CBD products at home. However, you can call the cruise liner beforehand and get more information about whether it’s allowed to carry CBD onboard.

International Travel With CBD

Countries around the globe are held various, complicated and sometimes precarious legalities towards hemp, marijuana, and cannabis products. It’s always recommended to check the local regulations or even refrain from travelling internationally with your hemp or marijuana-derived CBD. It also applies to any stops that you make on the way to the destination as local laws are still valid.

In some countries, cannabis and hemp are strictly regulated, and import of a CBD product for personal use might result in criminal punishment.

Flying with CBD in the UK is acceptable and can be carried in both your hand and check-in luggage. However, if you are taking CBD oil into your carry-on luggage, the bottle shouldn’t exceed 100 ml, and the product shouldn’t contain any traces of THC.

As for European countries, CBD is considered a legal compound, which must include up to 0.6% of THC, depending on the country you are going to visit.

Although your CBD oil is extracted from hemp, there are other categories of oil that are still considered active cannabinoids and such product holders may face inspection by the TSA or the airport staff. Take into consideration the following tips of precautions and preparations to experience stress-free airport control or safe drive.

1. Know The Laws And Rules.

First thing first, check the rules and requirements of the airport concerning the amount and the right storage of CBD products. Make sure you are transporting products in a dependable container and research additional rules for proper transportation.

Also, CBD use differs from one state or a country to another, which requires full exploring of the place you are planning to visit. Some states don’t allow CBD, while others vary from complete approval to not-allowing or decriminalising CBD.

Complying with regulations and being well-versed on norms provides you peace of mind during your trip.

2. Take Supporting Documentation With You.

In case TSA officers or local law enforcement notice something suspicious and potentially illegal, you need to be prepared to get through the line faster and prevent long hold-ups.

If you are taking CBD for medical purposes and can show documentation from a doctor that proves it, bring this document with you. Furthermore, Certificate of Analysis (COA) can confirm that your CBD products are allowed for use and include permitted amounts of THC in composition.

Reputable manufacturers and sellers guarantee COA’s for every CBD product to confirm pure composition. You can find COA on the company’s website or upon the request.

Bringing these documents with you prove the product’s authenticity and legality if airport security asks to provide more information on your baggage.

3. Put CBD In Your Carry-On Bag.

Pack your CBD oil along with your other liquids and lotions in your carry-on instead of your checked luggage for inspection by TSA officers.

If you try to hide CBD in a checked-in bag, airport security might think that it’s an illegal product and you can find your CBD labelled as contraband and remove it from your baggage without your consent.

Being open about having a CBD product will prevent questions that may appear and ease the process through security.

Bottom Line

To play safe, avoid legal charges and save your budget from forfeits during your trip, it may be worth thinking twice or leaving CBD products at home.

However, if you are determined to take CBD with you, be sure to check local and state laws of the country you are visiting, bring a copy of the COA of the purchased product and familiarise yourself with all requirements and norms. Additionally, taking your CBD product out with you might require you to consider proper packaging options. In that case, you can purchase lightweight pop top jars or pre-roll tubes or exit bags. Remember that packaging solutions play an important role in keeping your cannabis products fresh, thus ensuring that you can experience your product in its best condition.