A Vacation in the French Polynesia

Ever dreamt of an adventure of paradise on earth? The French Polynesia will definitely be the destination. With 118 islands scattered across the South Seas, the French Polynesia has captured generations of adventurers, writers, explores and painters. These islets have various high mountains with a stunning greenery. The beaches are awash with sand and the water has an outstanding blue color that is bold and unique. The islets brim with undisturbed nature which also consist of vanilla farms and coconut trees. Get these remarkable and breathtaking experiences when you go on a yacht charter in French Polynesia.

Some of the Islets that you will visit include:


 Tahiti is occupied by long stretched of white sand beaches, blue lagoon and mountains with rich greenery. The islet is excellent for expeditions in hiking and diving which your crew will readily organize. Ask the crew to also take you to the Faarumai Waterfall for a spectacular sight. If it’s your lucky day you will get to see some whales as you put your water gear to good use.


The second islet to visit is Moorea, which has a mixture of rainforests and lagoons. The lagoons give rise to volume parked mountain peaks. Upon request, go on a feeding tour of the safari, ray and ziplines. As the day slowly comes to an end, take a hike to the inactive volcano and enjoy the beautiful scenery as the sun sets.


Huahine is the next destination of your memorable vacation, of which you will arrive after cruising for seven hours. Love surfing? Then this is the perfect spot and you can also add other water activities including diving. Have a walk through the thick forests, have an up-close view of the local villages and the lagoons with clear-crystal water. Get down to the Maeva archaeological site and learn more about the people’s culture. Before leaving make sure you visit the pearls and vanilla farms.


Raiatea is the next stop, also known as the Faraway Heaven. This incredible islet in the yacht charter in the French Polynesia has a variety of numerous bays and moorings. Go on a hiking expedition on Mount Temehani and see a rare and unique flower that is nowhere else in the world.

In the whole of French Polynesia, the Raiatea is the only place that has a river that is navigable. 

Get to experience the dense forest of Purau while on a canoe ride and later enjoy horse riding.


Experience the magnificent beauty and fragrance of a vanilla orchid and Taha’a has 80% of the vanilla produced in these French island. The hillsides of this islet are filled with watermelon, bananas and coconut trees.

Maximize on this trip by going on tour with a safari jeep. Remember to carry your hiking and snorkeling gear for a great adventure.

It is recommended to visit the UNESCO chosen site of Taputapuatea which accommodates the biggest ancient temples.

Bora Bora

For diving diehards, Bora Bora islet is the perfect place as it has a barrier reef for protection. Stroll around Vaitape village, dine and do some shopping. Go on a jeep safari and explore Mount Otemanu and Pahia.

The crew can readily organize more activities like skydiving, parasailing and seaplane. End the day by visiting the renowned Bloody Mary restaurant for fresh sumptuous food and incredible cocktails.


Depending on the weather, your next destination is sixteen hours, known as the Rangiroa. It is the second largest islet which also accommodates another 400 islets. It is the ideal place for scuba diving as you swim with turtles and manta rays. 

When you get back on dry land, take a walk around the Avatoru and Tiputa villages. Have a relaxing night in this great ambience.

Apataki and Toau Atolls.

Want to dive with sharks? Welcome to Apataki and Toau atolls. Known as the largest chain of atolls in the world, the Apataki lays upon a turquoise lagoon that is 30km in length. Apart from diving with rays and sharks, get on to the opposite end and enjoy kite and wind surfing.

Take a cruise to the Toau atoll and end the day there with a BBQ as you watch the beautiful sunset.


Fakarava is a magnificent place for scuba diving. Your companions while diving, will be various fish species inclusive of sharks. Take a walk to the tall pyramid of the Topaka Lighthouse, 15 meters in height. Take a rest in the Havaiki Lodge which has a unique spot with chairs placed in the water.

Though the islet has a few cars, the locals prefer biking.

What to Pack

The heat in French Polynesia can cause painful sunburns so an effective sunscreen with an SPF of 45 or above is recommended. The hot climate is a magnet to mosquitoes, so ensure you have an insect repellant. The bug wipes that are moistened are suitable since they are easy to carry.

For the gentlemen, shorts, tee shirts or short sleeves and sandals will be perfect. The weather is not suitable for closed shoes unless it’s a personal choice. For ladies, a pair of sandals and a couple of sundresses will do just fine. Choose fabrics that are light with stylish designs.

Everyone should have a hat that covers their faces and backs to prevent sunburns.

The pareo is the island’s fashion preference. You can easily transition it to a dinner dress from a swimsuit accessory. Just in case you don’t carry one, they are available in a variety of vibrant patterns and colors.

Remember to pack a pair of water shoes to give you a good grip while hiking and keeping your feet from being pierced by pieces of seashells and corals.

Although the different french polynesia resort provide hair conditioners, carry one that best suits your hair. You will be spending quite a lot of time in water and your hair will be prone to tangles.

Carry a reusable water bottle which you can refill with the Islands tap water that is clean and ready for drinking.

Have a collapsible and easy to carry cooler. It will be great to have your drinks chilled as you visit the various sites and Islands. The cooler will also be a convenient place to store the Island’s cheese which is a tasty snack when combined with fresh baguette.

Take a yacht charter in the French Polynesia for a remarkably great and memorable vacation.