A Practical Guide to Breaking into the Premium Travel Class

As much as most of the travellers in our inner-circle are like-minded in our preference for prolonged travel over trips which have to be cut short on account of costing more, the truth of the matter is that if we had the option we’d definitely go for the premium options making up luxury travel. Sure, every so often we splurge and in a sense “reward” ourselves with a night or two in that five star resort, but if you really want to break into the premium travel class and stay there, it’s probably within closer reach than you think.

Research luxury travel options

Most former budget travellers, especially those of the backpacker variety, hold on quite tightly to a secret that we’re going to share here, regarding how they managed to break into the coveted premium travel class. Yes, it can be as easy as actually researching luxury travel options alongside your regular budget travel options. When you make the effort to inquire about those often intimidating Price-On-Application you’ll often be shocked at just how affordable those premium options can be!

So do the research. Send those emails and even better, call in to ask for the price. You might get a special deal that can never be found on budget travel search platforms like Agoda and the likes.

Formalise your interest

Formalising your interest in luxury or premium travel options simply entails taking action to sign up to newsletters, circulars, mailing lists, etc. Basically you’re putting your name among the potential client list of luxury travel companies, which have been known to reward even those customers who’ve patronised their services only once before. This is basically just how you find out about those premium travel deals that perhaps fluctuate in price, dipping to within the reach of your pocket at specific times that you can take full advantage of.

Document your intentions and premium travel history

This is hands-down one of the most sure-fire ways to fast-track your transition into the luxury and premium travel bracket, because this way you open yourself up to consideration as a marketing conduit. You’d do this through something like running a blog or perhaps even vlogging, but the trick is to feature content that’s laser-focussed on luxury travel.

If you don’t have any luxury travel content to document based on any history you have with this bracket of the market, publishing content about your intentions is the next best thing. You never know when an extra seat on a private jet charter might become available for very cheap, for instance, on account of a last-minute cancellation or something along those lines.

Spear-head a travel club or consultancy

This is as simple as taking it upon yourself to be the organiser of those trips that everybody in your network wants to go on. What you’ll learn is that bulk bookings, especially those completed well in advance, are generally much, much cheaper. This applies to luxury travel too, such as booking out an entire resort and getting a gang of travellers to pay for it.