A checklist for the travel freaks planning a road trip to the hills

There are many for whom, driving to the mountains is possibly the best getaway during the COVID-19 pandemic. Are you someone who has been bored of sitting back at home and is dying to set out for a drive to the hills? But did you know that it is usually a tricky affair to drive in the snow and fog? If this is your first time, you must be careful about the car you choose and the way you drive.

Just as heavy vehicles can seek help of companies like Hovair.com to get reliable and affordable heavy load transport on the market, you too should make sure you choose the right vehicle for tripping the hills. Here is a checklist for travel freaks who are planning a road trip to the mountains.

Go slow!

No tip is more important than this. When you’re driving to the hills, you should drive slowly. If you’re high on your adrenaline rush and you can’t control the thrill of driving at 100kph, you better visit the plains. Speeding on hilly roads can be dangerous. Regardless of whether you’re driving up or down, gravity can always work against you. Hence, a good rule to abide by is descend at a similar speed that you go up.

Double check your car brakes

When driving on mountain roads, brakes suffer the most. Double check whether your brakes are functioning at their best. Refill the brake fluid if you find the levels to be low. In case you didn’t alter the fluid since a long time now, make sure you do so before you set out for the journey. Use the engine brake to regulate the speed.

Know the right gear

Did you know that your car has a device that is called the gearbox? This device helps you most while driving on hilly roads. When you move uphill, gravity works against you and makes you go slower. Hence, it is better to stay at the lower gear as the output of the torque will be maximum. Gears also play the role of speed modifiers and hence you get the bit of stopping power when required.

Follow the road signs

Drivers are usually seen to underestimate the road signs. When you’re driving on the hills, it is extremely important to follow the road signs as they communicate a lot about the kind of road, you’ll get ahead of you. Hilly roads are usually narrow, and they are dangerous too. You won’t be able to predict what’s in store for you ahead. Hence, you must be vigilant enough to observe all the road signs.

Be confident about tackling hairpin bends

While driving on hilly roads, hairpin bends are the toughest to deal with. However, when you know the proper technique, you can do it effortlessly. You need to slow down, whether uphill or downhill. While going uphill, slow down before you turn, shift to a low gear, and accelerate while you turn. Be extra watchful about whether there’s a car coming from above.

So, now that you know how to drive to the hills, you should follow them and enjoy your adventurous trip to the mountains.