A Beginner’s Guide to Meeting Spaces in Beverly Hills

Whether it’s an executive board meeting, conference, or sales convention, having an adequate meeting space is important for setting the tone for the meeting and presenting your business in the right light.

When a regular office or meeting room won’t do, you need to find a meeting space that stands out for all the right reasons. Continue reading to discover five of the most unique meeting spaces in Beverly Hills. We’ve also covered some of the considerations you’ll need to take into account when booking a meeting space.

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Finding the right meeting space in Beverly Hills

Booking a meeting space is about more than just comfy chairs and a long table. It can be intimidating trying to find the right space to not only handle the needs of the meeting, but to set the right tone for the meeting. An executive board meeting is a lot different than a sales conference, just like a meeting with foreign investors is different than a training seminar.

Considerations and accommodations for business meetings

Venue size

Space and seating are always the first concerns when booking a meeting venue to ensure attendees have the necessary space to interact comfortably.

A good rule is to always overestimate the amount of space or seating necessary so that guests, visiting business partners, and others can be accommodated. Most venues offer different configurations depending on the meeting type.


Once you’ve chosen a potential space, the next thing to think about is technology. Meetings often include video conferences, demonstrations, and presentations.

Confirming that the venue has the tech to meet those needs will make sure that the meeting goes off without a hitch. There’s nothing like having a projector fail in the middle of a quarterly earnings presentation. See what the venue offers and plan ahead by bringing anything else you might need. For instance, it’s always wise to keep a good HDMI cable in your laptop case, as then you will always be able to connect your presentation to the screen or projector if needed.


Food and drink are next on the list of needs to consider. Having refreshments on hand or available to be ordered is important even for short meetings. For weekend conventions, week-long seminars, or training events, catering or proximity to restaurants is a good amenity to have.


Lastly, if you have guests from out of town coming to a meeting or the meeting is scheduled over multiple days, access to lodging is important. No one wants to hunt for a place to stay if they’re flown in from out of town for a meeting.

Many hotels offer meeting spaces for just such occasions, as well as services that can be brought into the meeting space, such as food and beverages.

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5 unique meeting spaces in Beverly Hills that will make your meeting a success

Ready to start scoping out your meeting venue? Check out our top five picks.

#1. Regus

If you’re looking for a straightforward venue that allows you to conduct business by yourself or with a small group, Regus has plenty of options. This is one of the more versatile meeting spaces in Beverly Hills, with hourly booking options and modern amenities.

Regus has two locations in Beverly Hills, both on Wilshire Boulevard, which means you’re spoiled for choice. The meeting spaces here are affordable and equipped with the latest technology and modern amenities.

#2. Beverly Hills Triangle 2

Beverly Hills Triangle 2 is part of a public business complex that houses several business meeting rooms with a number of useful accommodations. These rooms are well-suited for board meetings and smaller business transactions.

The venue features free Wi-Fi, phones, and nearby parking, plus access to projectors and whiteboards for presentations. The Triangle 2 also features a kitchen for those much-needed coffee breaks. This is an excellent option in the heart of Beverly Hills and is close to shops, businesses, and sights. 

#3. Dots SPACE

For a more technologically advanced and unique meeting experience, dots SPACE has you covered. So much more than just a traditional boardroom, this venue has multiple room options and can hold up to 150 people for large conventions and other meeting types.

The venue also offers some of the most innovative technology available for a business meeting, with built-in wall screens and whiteboards, as well as color-changing LED lighting. This venue is perfect for those wanting to make an impression during their next meeting.

#4. Saban Theater

For conferences and presentations, the historic Saban Theater provides an elegant and classical venue that’s ideal for low-key traditional meetings. Complete with an in-house kitchen, the venue has the ability to cater for guests.

What this venue lacks in extra amenities it makes up for in historic charm and an old-timey feel. The black-and-white checkerboard linoleum floors and Art Deco furnishings provide a tasteful atmosphere for awards ceremonies, seminars, and business functions for small or medium-sized groups.

#5. Avalon Hotel Beverly Hills

The exclusive Avalon Hotel in Beverly Hills offers a meeting experience like no other. The on-site amenities ensure that all your guests are comfortable. Talk shop in the fully equipped boardroom, then indulge in a little luxury at the pool, restaurant, spa, or rooftop terrace.

If you’re looking to combine work and play, Avalon Hotel is a superb option for out-of-town conferences, seminars, training sessions, and other long meetings.

The ultimate guide to meeting spaces in Beverly Hills: wrapping up

Finding the right space for your business meeting, conference, or seminar can be difficult and frustrating. Hopefully, some of the tips we’ve provided will help you sort through the abundance of venues to find the space that’s right for you.

Consider booking one of the fantastic unique venues we’ve listed here the next time you’re hosting a meeting in Beverly Hills.

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