8 interesting activities awaiting you in Bled, Slovenia

You may have already seen some pictures of the famous Lake Bled and the island with a church, surrounded by impressive mountains. This destination is popular all year round due to the varied activities for tourists, and the wonderful scenery will relax you and help you forget about your daily worries.

If you do not want to go to very crowded places, but you want an interesting scenery and many activities to get involved during the holidays it is ideal to visit Bled, Slovenia. You will have an unforgettable stay, being a suitable place for both an individual trip and with friends or family.

Here are some activities you should not miss in Bled:

1. Visit the church in the middle of the lake

It is advisable to start exploring this place with the church located in the center of the lake. It is a very sought after pilgrimage destination. The church has been visited for decades and was built in the 17th century. You can choose either a gondola for a traditional tour or a private boat to see everything at your own pace. After observing the blue waters of the lake, step into the church and study carefully the fifteenth-century artifacts that are inside. Don’t forget to ring the church bell, it is said that it will bring you good luck.

2. Explore the medieval castle

It is worth including the Bled Castle tour in your trip. It is the oldest castle in Slovenia. As you go inside, read the inscriptions that tell the story and include important excerpts from the history of this country. You will see the lake from various angles, the view from inside the castle being highly appreciated by tourists.

3. See everything above

One of the favorite ways for tourists to see the lake and the city from above is a balloon trip. You will also be able to see the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park. If you pay attention to timing and get up early you could be in the balloon just as the sun rises. The unique colors reflected in the water of the lake will remain in your mind for a long time to come.

4. Take a hike through the Vintgar gorge

Climbing the Vintgar gorge starting from Bled is not a difficult route. It will give you the opportunity to walk past the marvelous pastures, observe the surrounding farms, and in the end you will be fascinated by the sharp rocks of the gorge and the blue and transparent water in which it is reflected. This gorge is closed in winter, so you should arrive in the warmer months to enjoy the view.

5. Taste a traditional cake

Kremšnita is a famous cake in Bled, probably very similar to the recipe you enjoyed at home, but it’s worth savoring this delicacy to see if the flavor is slightly different and to integrate into the local atmosphere. You can also try the pastas and stews, which are highly appreciated by those who visit Bled all year long. Almost every restaurant will have a cake on the menu, which is great for a cup of coffee, especially if you come from a hiking area.

6. Visit the Triglav National Park

It is the only national park in Slovenia and one of the most famous in Europe. Admission is free and you can enjoy various activities such as canoeing, hiking or horseback riding. The park has been named after the highest mountains in Slovenia, which is a route preferred by many tourists.

7. Stay at a farm

One of the most enjoyable ways to make the most of your time in Slovenia is to stay at a farm and live in the same style as the locals. It is a popular accommodation option, which will allow you to observe the main activities on the farm, for example the traditional process by which the cheese is obtained. The city of Bled can become very busy in the summer, so a farm will be the right solution for a relaxing holiday, away from the crowds and bustle.

8. Don’t be afraid of winter

It is true that it is not the most sought-after season to visit Bled, but a visit in this range can be just as captivating. The lake does not freeze in the winter months, so you can visit the church. In addition, you can practice skiing, snowboarding and many other winter sports. If you make the effort to come to Bled in the winter, do not miss the New Year’s Eve, traditional delights and impressive fireworks that will be launched over the lake.


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