7 Travel Tips for Senior Adventurers

Travelling as a senior may seem like a huge task for many. And while it may need some getting used to, the perks of travelling as a senior are hard to ignore! Whether it be breaking free from routine, spending quality time with your partner, flexibility of time or even the urge to explore something new, this is the time that you have for yourself, and it only makes sense that you do what you love!

So, for all the senior globetrotters, we have some tips that can help you have a seamless holiday, and a wonderful adventure. Check out our list of 7 travel tip for you, before you plan your trip to the next destination!

  1. Research

One of the most important, and the first step to travel planning, is research. This is the stage that helps you plan the entire vacation. From planning the best time to go, getting a personal weather station (click here to know more) to evaluate the conditions, the deals and discounts, what to see, what to do, how to go…the list is exhaustive, but essential. Let it begin quite in advance, to make the most of the time, money, and the destination!

  1. Book early

Whether it be transport, or accommodation, booking early always gives you the best deals. Team that up with senior discounts, and you’ll be saving much more that you would have thought!

Also, while booking flights, reserve the seats with better leg room, start your vacation with maximum comfort!

  1. Off season

The best season to travel is off season. Save money, dodge the crowd, and take it all in your own pace. With great offers, you can even extend your stays to explore all that you would like to! Apart from hotels and flights, museums and other centers too have discounted rates during off-season.

However, while travelling during this time, take into consideration the weather, and prepare for it accordingly.

  1. Baggage

Pack light and pack smart. Laundry often and pack less clothes. Choosing a bag is also important as it would be best if you could drag it instead of carrying it everywhere. Keep a small handbag or pouch with you with all your essentials. Copies of all the important documents including insurance, medical certificates, and bookings is a must!

  1. Travel insurance

One of the most underestimated travel requirement is travel insurance. For those of you who already have medical insurance, check how your provider can help you when you’re travelling out of station, or even internationally. Having emergency, baggage and medical insurance during and for a short period after your planned return is smart investment. Traveling can be dangerous at times, especially if you have any medical problems. In cases like this, having life insurance for seniors (learn more here) may also be a good idea as it would help cover the final expenses in the event of any unfortunate event.

  1. Know yourself

Be excited, not hasty. Don’t include too many things that are difficult to cover in a fixed period of time.

Don’t ignore food, drinks, and meds, and know your medical conditions. Eat at regular intervals, keep yourself hydrated, and don’t miss out on your medicines, if any. Keep extra medication, just in case.

Rest. Take regular breaks from walking, climb only when you have to, and don’t shy away from asking for help. You want your holiday to be a happy break, not a stressful tour!

  1. Perks of a senior traveller!

Make the most of all the deals and discounts that are available for senior travellers. Check coupon websites like RetailMeNot to find some discounts on booking with travel companies like Orbitz.

Plan for emergencies, but don’t be nervous!

Travel in a group to save on the cost of accommodation, as well as to avail group discounts!

Travelling is a form of meditation. It is a liberating experience that increases confidence and provides you with an opportunity to learn new things. After spending a lifetime of hard work, it is only fair that you treat yourself to a vacation every now and then!

So, keep in mind these tips, be safe, and set out for your new adventure!

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