7 top tips for an awesome road trip

Matt Press is a car fanatic and the founder of The Drive Hive, a place where learners can book intensive driving courses.

Whether you’re on a budget or spending out big on your next break, there’s nothing quite like a road trip. From the sheer accessibility of the road through to the ability to be at one with nature, there’s plenty to admire. But there is an issue with road trips – there are a number of things you need to take care of if you’re to have a good vacation.

Tip 1: Planning, planning, planning

The freedom of a road trip is a huge selling point and you might think that a road trip simply involves chucking a bag in the back, sitting behind the wheel and pressing the pedal to the metal, but you should have some idea of where you’re going. And when. Be flexible by all means, but plan some checkpoints at least.

Tip 2: Give your car a good once-over before you start

Look, machines are imperfect. And it would be typical for you to set off on a huge adventure only to suffer some sort of engine failure or from something that could have been prevented with a bit of a check-up. So, before you head off, give your motor a thorough once-over and have some sort of breakdown cover in place. This is especially important for bigger vehicles, such as RVs. If you have recently seen a fifth wheel for sale and put an offer in, make sure you give it a once over before setting off! You don’t want to breakdown in the vehicle that is getting you to these great places.

Tip 3: Gather up your best tunes

Assuming you’re not heading somewhere super-cold, you’re gonna want to wind your windows down and pump out some music on your road trip. It’s what it’s all about, right? Luckily, modern technology has your back. Remember to pack your iPod and you’re sorted.          

Tip 4: Remember the rules of the road

Don’t forget that different countries have different driving laws. Some places insist on cars driving on the right, others on the left. Some areas have cycle lanes, some don’t. Some have odd rules on giving way to certain vehicles in certain directions… so do your homework first.

Tip 5: Start your day at sunrise

There’s something truly magical about seeing the world at the crack of dawn. But there’s also a practical side to this piece of advice – if you hit the road without delay, you’ll avoid a lot of traffic. And although you’re on holiday and no doubt pretty flexible, you’ll be surprised at how a handful of traffic jams will impact your mission.

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