7 Reasons to Take a Vacation Right Away

The average worker gets 10 days of paid vacation per year. That’s not a big number, but it’s enough to allow a few vacations and return to work fairly rested.

But only about 50 percent of employees use those all those vacation days, however. The other half use little to none of their allotted vacation time in favor of working hard throughout the year and taking breaks only over the holidays.

What’s the result? Increased stress, reduced productivity, and other signs of burnout.

Research shows that when a person doesn’t take regular vacations, he or she tends to perform more poorly on the job. You may also struggle to find satisfaction in your work, and you’re more likely to develop a mental health disorder such as depression.

If you haven’t taken a vacation in a while, chances are your mind and body have been trying to tell you it’s time to get going. In fact, these two physical facets of your being might be screaming at you to purchase a vacation home and spend as much time as you can there!

Here are seven good reasons you should take a vacation as soon as possible.

  1. You’re Stressed

The same is true of roughly 75 percent of the workforce. Workplace stress is a growing concern; it can turn into physical and mental health issues not exclusive of depression, heart disease, diabetes, and chronic anxiety. These disorders can be managed with therapy or medical marijuana that you can obtain if you visit an online weed dispensary.

However, medical science has also found that taking a vacation is one of the best ways to relieve stress, especially if you go to a serene location. Leave the world behind you and let all the stress melt off your shoulders.

  1. Your Family History Includes Heart Disease

Too much sitting, excess stress, staying indoors, and eating food from vending machines are a few of the biggest risks for developing heart disease later on. According to research, vacations are one of the best ways to combat your risk for heart attacks.

Research from a 2010 Framingham Heart Study revealed that men who vacationed regularly were 32 percent less likely to die from a heart attack, and women were 50 percent less likely. That’s a great incentive to get outdoors and escape from the stresses of work!

  1. You Need to Be More Creative

Do you have a pressing work deadline that could use a creative edge? Or maybe you’ve been getting negative comments from the boss.

Either way, taking a vacation is one of the best ways to stimulate creativity. This is especially true if you go to a foreign country. You’ll gain new perspectives from interactions with other cultures and people outside the office.

  1. You Get Sick a Lot

Sickness can be as much a mental phenomenon as physical. If you’re abundantly stressed and have been cooped up in your office for too long, you can make yourself feel physically ill.

The problem might also be a compromised immune system. According to various studies, spending time away from urban life in the great outdoors is one of the best ways to improve inner health.

It’s also believed to raise your white blood cell count, which means you have a stronger immune system.

  1. You’re Inefficient and Unmotivated

If you’re in a productivity slump, the solution is not to power through and make the best of it. It’s better to take time off and let your body recharge.

In a review of the most productive nations in the world, the United States does not turn up near the top of the list. Several European countries, which average 25 to 30 paid vacation days a year, sit in the top slots.

Their use of vacation time suggests how much everyone needs vacation days for increased productivity.

  1. You’re Depressed

Though travel isn’t a cure-all for depression, it can alleviate some of the symptoms. Travel has been known to stretch our cognitive function: it raises levels of dopamine and allays depressive thoughts.

According to a poll from the U.S. Travel Association, 86 percent of individuals who travel regularly report more satisfaction and positivity in their lives as opposed to 75 percent among those who don’t travel regularly.

Also, a Cornell study indicated that most people, even those who suffer from an unmedicated major depressive disorder, were happier just thinking about going on a planned vacation. If you’re dealing with the blues at work, designing a vacation might be just what you need to escape that slump!

  1. Your Kids Are Growing Up Before Your Eyes

When was the last time you had more than a few hours in a day with your kids? They’re growing up quickly, and if you don’t make the most of today, they’ll be gone before you know it.

Taking regular vacations is one of the best ways to connect with your kids and increase family unity. Don’t miss out on the many health and relationship benefits provided by travel!

Go on …. bite the bullet and use your vacation days. Only you will see and feel all the benefits that vacation has for you, but you have to plan your next trip before they can happen!