5 Tips For Staying Safe While Traveling

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No, you do not need a formidable rifle like the Ruger AR-556 when traveling, but you sure do need the know-how to stay safe. But what are these things? Read on as we have the five best tips for staying safe when traveling.

1. Research the place

The first thing you must do is find out what you can about visiting the places. For example, what is the crime rate? What places are dangerous?

We should be thankful now that we have many sources of information-news sites, avid travelers who give advice, bloggers, and YouTube. List down the places where other tourists got mugged, and stay away from there.

2. Avoid suspicious strangers

It is not uncommon for locals to approach foreigners to sell them something. Unfortunately, it is also a common scam.

Do not speak to strangers. If anyone comes at you to attempt to sell something or entertain you, it is a scam. Use wise judgment at all times.

For example, some people may sell something of supposed value for a low price. Please do not buy these things, as they are fake. If it is too good to be true, it probably is.

There is also the potential for a more physical approach by some scammers. They may try and be forceful, so it is important that you are aware of where you are going at all times and you know how to defend yourself. You could look into self defense classes for women if you travel a lot, or just to have as a deterrent if needed, no matter where you are.

3. Update your friends and family

Always tell your friends and family where you are. Text them or chat with them via social media. This way, they will know that you are not in trouble.

It is sad to say that some tourists disappear, never to be found. The police, of course, have no idea where to start investigating. However, if these tourists only sent their families messages about their whereabouts, the police could have a lead.

4. Avoid public WiFi networks

Do not log in to public WiFi networks, especially in airports. These are dangerous networks, and scammers often use these networks to hack into devices.

Why are these networks unsafe? Well, you do not know who set these networks. They are likely unencrypted.

If these WiFi networks are not secure, the passwords you enter can be intercepted. As such, the hackers now have your username and password. The next thing you know, they are in control of your social media, bank accounts, etc.

5. Bring cards, not lots of cash

Bring credit and debit cards with you and some cash. When shopping, avoid bringing a lot of money. It takes only one drop of your wallet, and your money is gone.

Busy places are nests of thieves. These people will slash your bag on a train or while walking-they have so many ways to steal from you.

Better yet, separate your cards and cash in places all over your body. Do not put your cash and card in the same wallet or purse.

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We all want to have some fun. We want an exciting vacation. However, it can turn into a nightmare. To get the best when you are on vacation, follow our five tips for staying safe while traveling.

It would also help if you watched on YouTube about other travelers’ experiences. Learn a lesson from them, and do not allow yourself to be the next victim.   

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