5 Scenic Treks in Mauritius for Avid Hikers

Did you know? While Mauritius is known for its pristine, powdery white beaches, crystal clear water and gorgeous holiday villas, it is also home to amazing rugged mountains, nature parks and water reserves where you can find great scenic walks of all levels. If you ever get bored from the sea, check out the hiking trails below!

  • Le Pouce

Credit: Jørn Eriksson via Flickr

Peaking at 812 meter high, Le Pouce is the third highest mountain on the island. It’s one of the best trekking spots in Mauritius, where you can find a stunning vista of both the north and south part of the island as well as neighbouring islets like Snake Island, Flat Island and more. The urban legend has it that the first person to reach the mountain summit was Charles Darwin! The hike is moderately tough, so be sure to bring proper footwear and water!

  • La Nicoliere Water Reserve

An easy trek, La Nicoliere Water Reserve gives you access to a stunning, deep blue lake amidst lush greenery. On the way, you might be able to spot some wildlife like monkeys, stags or wild boars, and in the afternoon, you or evening, you will be able to see protected bat species. La Nicoliere Water Reserve makes an excellent location for a picnic amidst nature, so bring along some sandwiches, a picnic mat, a book and enjoy a peaceful time here.

  • The Tamarind Falls

Credit: shankar s. via Flickr

The Tamarind Falls hike is popular amongst locals and tourists alike. These falls are about 300 meters hike, and make a moderately challenging trip. There are boulders right above the falls to sit and enjoy the sounds of the water thundering down the river below. You will start by hiking down the canyon to the river, where you can take a refreshing dip. Despite its height, the cascade ends on a gentle note, so you can stand beneath it and get a natural massage. The falls are open to the public, so you can hike it anytime, but there are also plenty of agencies offering full-day and half-day tours that provide water, snacks and a tour guide along the way.

  • Ile D’Ambre

A short boat trip will take you from Mauritius to Ile D’Ambre and its rugged terrain. This islet is a protected reserve, so you will need to book your trip through a tour agency. Trekking here gives you access to fresh water caves, volcanic craters and the fresh air of lush tropical forests. The tour will include water, juice, snacks and a tour guide.

  • Papaya River

Located on the West coast, in the village of Tamarin, Papaya River offers an excellent hike where you will trek through majestic plateaus and cliffs. You will need to swim on the journey, so make sure to level up your swimming skills. It’s quite challenging, so you will need good physique for this hike as well. The adventure can only be booked via the Yemen Natural Reserve Park.