5 Reasons To Make Portugal Your Next Holiday

What does your ideal holiday look like?

Do you dream of sipping cocktails by the beach on endless sunny days? Or would you rather shop ‘til you drop on a dazzling city break? Perhaps you’re the type of person who loves to explore the history behind captivating locations.

Whatever you’re looking for, Portugal has it all. This underrated holiday destination has something for everyone, and if you’re planning a future escape under the sun, this incredible country should be your number one stop.  

Not convinced? Check out these five fantastic reasons Portugal is a holidaymaker’s dream come true.  

1. The stunning scenery

Portugal is home to some of the most breath-taking beaches in Europe. These idyllic seascapes are accompanied by a warm and pleasant climate that sees sun on around 300 days of the year! With so much sea and sun, it’s the ideal place for a whole range of beach activities like paddleboarding and Kitesurfen (kite surfing to you and me), and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Or the tip of the ice cream should we say?

The Algarve is a favourite spot for tourists seeking picturesque shores, and the rugged romance of its cliff-lined coast and crystalline waters make it an ideal honeymoon destination.

If you prefer country walks to beach strolls, you’ll find your perfect backdrop amongst the lush green hills of Monsaraz, home to Medieval monuments, olive groves and the river Guadiana.

2. The grand architecture

Whilst you’re sure to be blown away by the natural wonders of Portugal, its cities are home to some truly impressive works of architecture.

Amongst them, the Pena National Palace. Unlike anything you’ve ever seen, this brightly coloured castle looks like something straight out of a Disney film and has a fascinating history behind it.

Some of the houses are pretty palatial too – check out real estate gurus Property Lisbon to experience some real crib envy.

3. The exciting nightlife

If you’re planning a party holiday but the usual hotspots like Tenerife or Ibiza, Portugal could be the perfect place for you.

Whether it’s a girls holiday, a post-graduation getaway or that all-important stag party, the local bars and clubs are guaranteed to make yours a night to remember!

4. The delectable cuisine

Portugal’s many fantastic restaurants are amongst the country’s proudest assets, and its menus are highly distinctive.

Just as you’d expect to be served a delicious pasta in Italy, or sit down to crepes on a French dinner table, Portugal has its own specialities and with its proximity to the coast, its local delicacy happens to be fish.

Grilled, boiled, poached, (deep) fried – cooked in just about any imaginable way, this regional favourite is generally accompanied by fresh vegetables and fine wine, and followed by courses of delicate flaky pastries sure to satisfy any sweet tooth.

5. They welcoming atmosphere

The locals are very welcoming to out-of-town tourists and are always happy to recommend you the best places to visit, from top attractions to five-star restaurants.

You won’t find too much of a language barrier either, with most signage written in both Portuguese and English, and plenty of bilingual restaurant, bar and shop workers. Nevertheless, it’s always good to pick up a little extra vocab to help you get around.

These are just five reasons to make Portugal your next getaway – it’s not to be missed!