5 Private Plates You Can Buy for £5,000 or Less

Looking for a private plate for £5,000 or less? While it may not seem like much compared to the hundreds of thousands spent for some private plates, a budget of £5,000 is generally more than enough to get an eye-catching plate that complements your vehicle.

From car manufacturer names to models and more, there are numerous combinations that you can add to a plate in the £5,000 range. We’ve shared five of our favourite private plate ideas in this price range belows before, along with some extra information on each number plate for this use myreg.com plates.

MAZ 151: £1,950

Famous for reliability and value for money, Mazda is one of the world’s most popular car brands for good reason.

Nice and simple, “MAZ 151” is an ideal private number plate for Mazda owners. Whether you’re a fan of Mazda’s city cars, their SUVs or their older 90s and 2000s performance cars, this plate, which is available for less than £2,000, is sure to attract positive attention.

GTR 200M: £3,649

Fans of Nissan’s iconic sports car will find plenty to enjoy about this plate. Produced during the late 80s, 1990s and early 2000s as the Skyline GT-R, Nissan updated its famous sports car for the release of the R35 version in 2008.

Perfect for Nissan enthusiasts, this number plate is just as much at home on one of the classic Skyline GT-Rs as it is on the latest models. The “200M” — easily interpreted as 200 MPH — is a perfect match for this iconic car’s performance.

KR15 BMW: £1,575

BMW manufactures fantastic cars, from their entry-level vehicles right up to the large, luxurious 7 and 8 Series and the brand’s world famous high-performance M models.

If you’re a BMW fan, it’s difficult to find anything better than this “KR15 BMW” plate. Not only is it available for an excellent price — £1,575 is fantastic value for a plate that features a car’s brand name — but it’s a perfect match for any type of BMW model.

VW 9630: £3,840

Much like the number plate above is a great choice for BMW enthusiasts, “VW 9640” is an ideal choice of private number plate for Volkswagen owners.

VW produces some of the most popular cars on the road, from their critically acclaimed Golf and Polo series to their upmarket Touareg SUV. Since this is a versatile plate, it’s a perfect match for any Volkswagen vehicle, from the latest models to iconic classics.

AUD 124V: £3,510

Another great choice for fans of German cars, “AUD 124V” is a perfect private number plate for owners of anything Audi.

Like BMW and VW, Audi produces a diverse range of vehicles, from smaller models right up to the brand’s famous R8 sports car. Versatile and affordable at £3,510, this number plate is sure to attract the attention and admiration of other Audi enthusiasts.