5 Best Things to Look Out for at Universal Studios Singapore

Asia’s first Hollywood movie theme park, Universal Studios Singapore, features a wide variety of attractions, fun rides, and entertainment for friends, families, and adrenaline junkies.

Throughout Universal Studios Singapore, you will experience their uniquely created theme zones, where every themed location has been invented after movie world icons and places. There is the well renowned Hollywood Walk of Fame situated in the Hollywood zone. You can also experience walking around the New York zone, where the scenery develops into grand city skylines, including a staged Central station subway entrance. You can also check out a movie set and encounter the destructive force of a simulated hurricane – with the special effects created by the legendary Steven Spielberg.

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So why not check out the following list of the five best things to look out for at Universal Studios Singapore.

1. Absolute Breathtaking Rides

Fabulous Science Fiction City features the legendary Transformers the Ride, which is the ultimate three-dimensional battle ride where you combat those evil forces in battle. You can then move onwards to Ancient Egypt World and encounter scarab beetles and evil mummies all within an indoor roller coaster – in complete darkness!

2. Live Performances that are simply Spectacular

Live performances and events at Universal Studios Singapore are correspondingly spectacular to watch and see. Your young family will absolutely love the experience at the Shrek Adventure at Far Far Away. This cinematic experience allows guests to feel the action while watching the movie. Just as exciting is the Lost World zone, where The Waterworld production show, which is based on the same-named movie, highlights acrobatic and dangerous stunts and fantastic eruptions and explosions.

3. Restaurants, Food, and Parades

In between those thrills and spills of attractions and rides, your family will need to replenish their energy levels, so why not step into one of the many themed restaurants spanning the park. The musical beat-inspired Rhythm Truck has an indulgent array of street food available for all tastes, and it is very popular with attendees.

4. After Dark – Universal Studios at Nighttime

When the sun sets, there is still a load of fun to experience at Universal Studios Singapore. Only recently did Universal Studios extend its operating hours into the evening – called Universal After Hours – which contains thrilling nighttime activities and rides lasting until 10 pm on selected days.

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The evening shows are dazzling and fascinating, and here are the three most enjoyable nighttime shows that your family will absolutely adore:

(1) Wings of Time

The Wings of Time show is an exhibition of sound, water, and lighting that is truly magnificent to witness in person. There are two shows scheduled per evening, and it is ideal to arrive early and choose seats around the central rows (if you sit near the front, be prepared to get saturated!). The entire show will last for 20 minutes with the arrangement of lights, music, and water movements.

(2) Crane Dance

Formally classified as the most prominent mechanical dance puppet show globally, the Crane Dance portrays a love story about two cranes metamorphosing into real birds. There is only one show scheduled per evening, and it lasts for 10 minutes.

(3) Lake Hollywood Spectacular

The Lake Hollywood Spectacular firework display occurs at the lake towards the edge of Hollywood Boulevard. Starting promptly at 9:30 pm, it will last for approximately five minutes. Finding a location to sit and watch does not require being at the lake – there are plenty of vantage points to see this sensational evening event.

Hollywood Dreams Light-up Parade

This brightly lit parade is a gathering of all your favorite characters walking amongst a parade. Be entertained by Marty from Madagascar prancing to the drumbeat, relish the chase scene of the park rangers from Jurassic Park, and appreciate the wonderland symmetry of Far Far Away.

5. Meet and Greet with your favorite Cartoon Characters

You can find an assortment of adorable cartoon characters in costume throughout the various zones, who will be more than happy to meet and greet everyone – your children will love them. Make sure to check their daily schedule as they do vary their position throughout the day.

COVID-19 Measures: Opening hours mask-wearing practices, social distancing, and more need to be adhered to while the pandemic is ongoing. Please check here for the latest information and the best way to plan your visit.