5 Best States in the US to Live Off-Grid

Living off-grid gives you independence. There are a number of reasons you may want to live off-grid. You may be a prepper or survivalist who wants to be independent. Or you may simply be a nomad at heart. While the idea may seem romantic, the first step in the process is learning where you can legally and easily live off-the-grid. Here are the 5 best states in the US to live off grid.


Tennessee has a number of things in its favor. Very low tax burdens are one of them. (You can use a free tax calculator estimate your refund.) Real estate in the rural parts of the state is cheap as well. It is a state that doesn’t make it illegal to collect rainwater, and it is the fifth state in the country when it comes to precipitation levels.

There are relatively few restrictions on raising crops and livestock for your own consumption or sharing. Homeschooling is allowed; parents must notify officials they are homeschooling; test scores and professional evaluation are required to track a student’s progress. The weather here is rather mild, though the mountainous regions see plenty of winter snow.


Oregon has several advantages you can’t find anywhere else. Due to the area’s significant hydroelectric power and solar development, you can find entire communities that are “off the grid”. It can provide an instant community of likeminded people, and there are several to choose from. Fertile land and abundant rainfall are plusses, and this is found throughout the state. Washington shares a number of these advantages, but its building codes and land use regulations are strict.


Yes, you can consider living off the grid in paradise. In fact, if you move far enough inland on a number of islands, you will be living off the grid because it doesn’t extend that far. The climate is amazing. The islands get plenty of rain, and the soil is excellent. If you want to learn advanced gardening methods and prepping advice in advance, a site like Preparedness Mama can be a great resource.


Alaska seems designed for living off the grid. There are no homeschooling laws. The state has the lowest tax burden in the country. Only 25 municipalities have a property tax, so if you live outside of them, you won’t even have to worry about property tax. There are no rules against gardening and you are allowed to raise farm animals as long as you have warm housing.

If you like the way Alaska sounds but don’t want to live that far from the lower 48, Montana is quite similar. Its only downsides are higher property prices and property taxes.


Missouri is a state that nearly encourages living off the grid. There are areas without zoning or building codes. Water collecting is completely legal, and rainfall averages 41 inches a year. When you’re living off the grid, this is invaluable. You don’t have to have a septic tank or well to live on your land. Land is affordable. There is a long growing season, and the state lets your farm animals graze year-round. You can find all the Ranch Supplies you need in abundance (which is likely the case with many other states, too). Farming can be practiced quite easily here. Some areas even let you grow grain to feed your livestock. Winters here are somewhat mild and homeschooling laws are rather relaxed.

While authorities in a number of states are making it impossible to live off the grid, there are still places you can go. Climate, costs and what you’d like the complete freedom to do determine the best state for you to choose for living off the grid.

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