5 Best Activities at the Grand Cayman for Families

The Grand Cayman is an ideal vacation place for families, with endless activities both at land and at sea. The Cayman Islands offers its beautiful beaches and is an excellent contrast to the busy city life. It is a perfect place to escape and take a break from the stressful life in the city. Visiting the Grand Cayman is easy, and you can hire Cayman private charters to bring you around for your activities. Here are some activities you and your family can do, while you are visiting the Grand Cayman.

Stingray City Tour

The activity is unique to the Grand Cayman, and is, therefore, a must try the activity. Do not worry about the stingrays because they are harmless and are especially safe for children. The water is not too deep and is only about two to three feet. Children can stand up easily and enjoy the company of stingrays, and they can be up close and personal with them. Families can enjoy swimming with the stingrays and feed them.

There are multiple locations to visit for the Stingray City Tour and getting around with a private charter is ideal. It is convenient and hassle-free. The Stingray City tour is a perfect activity for friends and families looking for a fun-filled event in the water.

Bioluminescence Tour

Another activity unique to the Grand Cayman is the bioluminescence tour. The activity is perfect for the most adventurous families out there, as it is done at night and is a one-of-a-kind experience. Although you do not have to go under the water to see the bioluminescence, going down in the water to snorkel is still better. Snorkel with the bioluminescence and watch the water light up.

Do not worry because the water is only four feet deep, which makes it easier for anyone to maneuver around. There are no sharks, and the water is also calm, so you have nothing to worry about. Still, observe utmost care whenever you are in the water, especially in the dark.

Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is a common activity in the Grand Cayman, and it is easy to learn. Guests can rent paddle boards, which includes ankle leashes, paddles, and life jackets. First timers have nothing to worry about because there are guides available to help them out. This activity is perfect for families looking for a simple activity or for a day where they want to relax.

Snorkeling or Scuba Diving

Snorkeling is a must do activity in the Cayman Islands, especially if you want to see a variety of marine life. The clear waters of the Cayman Islands are the ideal place to get to know the ocean and the many forms of life in it. There are many spots for you to go and snorkel, especially if you want to see a lot of fish and coral. The snorkeling activity comes with professional guides to help you get acquainted with the activity. 

If you are thinking of leveling up your snorkeling experience, consider doing a scuba diving activity as well. The diving activity starts from beginner dive, making sure everyone can see the beauty of the ocean. The beginner dive is perfect for those who want to experience scuba diving, without having to go through a certification process.

Starfish Point

Starfish point is another activity which children can enjoy, and the best part is there is no admission fee. Be surrounded by many Starfishes at the Cayman Islands and enjoy the company of many starfishes. However, make sure to observe the rules on the Islands and never touch or remove the starfish from the water.

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