4 Ways Smokers Can Travel Responsibly

Cigarette smoking poses risks for numerous diseases, and as such, many countries have increased their efforts against tobacco use. Case in point, Mexico has expanded its anti-smoking laws recently. Whereas the country previously prohibited smoking in bars and restaurants, the ban now includes beaches, parks, and hotels. Similarly, New Zealand has implemented measures to make smoking less accessible; currently, cigarette products can only be sold through specialty tobacco stores.

That said, if you’re a smoker, it’s clear that you need to accommodate these policies to ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable trip. This article has listed a few tips that can help you maximize your vacation and travel responsibly:

Research about designated smoking areas

Although anti-smoking laws are observed in countries like Mexico and New Zealand, certain accommodations, bars, and restaurants still have designated smoking areas. To illustrate, lodgings like the Hyatt or Four Seasons Resort in Hawaii offer hotel rooms that guests can smoke in.

On the other hand, you can also research non-air-conditioned cafes or other food and beverage outlets in your destination to check if they have designated smoking areas. Using apps, such as “Smoking Area Info Sharing Map”, you can easily identify smoking places within your vicinity, not to mention, choose dining establishments that align with your tastes.

Use smokeless nicotine products

Secondhand smoke endangers public health. This is why places most countries have smoke-free provisions that prohibit cigarette use in enclosed public places and public transport. Thankfully, you can opt for smokeless options like nicotine pouches and nicotine patches on your trip.

Nicotine pouches are discreet because you only need to tuck the pouch in between your cheeks for it to release nicotine. Leading stockist Prilla features smokeless nicotine pouches, and these items neither produce smoke nor generate any foul odors, so they’re ok to use in bars or restaurants. They also come in a slew of flavors, including black cherry, cinnamon, and mango to promote a more enjoyable experience for smokers. Similarly, nicotine patches are adhesives that can be worn inconspicuously on the skin. As the nicotine patches from Cipla demonstrate, these come in various strengths and can be worn for up to 24 hours. Ultimately, any of these options can make for a helpful companion during your travels.

Carry odor-eliminating items

Our post ‘The Benefits of a Guided Tour’ points out that this experience is not just a great way to meet new people, it’s likewise an incredible opportunity to access valuable local knowledge about the area. Tour guides make exploring more interesting by sharing unique stories. However, if you want to enlist in a tour, or go on other group activities, it’s crucial to stay courteous and minimize the smell of cigarettes on your clothing. This is especially true as a 2020 Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy Study revealed that in countries like Indonesia, locals find secondhand smoke and its odor offensive.

So on that note, carry odor-eliminating items such as neutralizing sprays, which can remove the cigarette smell that’s stuck to your clothes. You can likewise visit the local grocery and buy baking soda and lemon juice to make one yourself. Lastly, consider contacting your accommodations prior to your trip to ask if they provide a steam iron. Apart from utilizing neutralizing sprays, steaming your clothes can also eliminate cigarette odors from your clothes before heading out.

Discard cigarette waste properly

Traveling responsibly as a smoker means disposing of your cigarette waste properly. After all, tobacco products emit toxic substances that can damage the environment. To reduce the number of cigarette butts that make their way into the sea, certain countries have declared their beaches smoke-free. For example, in over 500 beaches in Spain, individuals can incur penalties for smoking and littering.

As such, it’s important to discard your cigarette in the right way. A lot of bars, cafes, and restaurants provide ashtrays in their designated smoking rooms. But to err on the safe side, you can also carry a portable ashtray like the ones from Smoke Honest. These are compact and travel-friendly, and the resistant silicone lid is great at containing cigarette odors so you don’t have to worry about any lingering smell after disposal.

By following the tips listed above, you can conduct your travels in both an enjoyable and responsible manner.