4 Tips For Packing Light On Your Trip

Going on a trip abroad can involve a lot of connecting flights, having to get from place to place on public transportation, and ultimately having to carry all of it on your back and the cost of potentially feeling stressed out and overloaded.  Rather than being a slave to your heavy luggage and potentially have to pay extra baggage fees, opt for traveling light and packing the bare minimum.

If you’re one of those people who’s never packed light before and aren’t sure what packing minimally means, here are the things which you should aim for.

Don’t Forget Your Essentials

When packing your bag for your trip, try to focus on packing things which you absolutely need first.  If you wear contacts, ensure that you have all of your necessities packed for them.  

This way, by starting with packing your essentials, you know that you can build from there. Otherwise, you run the risk of running out of room later for the things which you absolutely need.

Bring Only 2 Pairs Of Shoes

It may be tempting to want to pack a pair of shoes for every possible occasion and type of weather.  However, one of the biggest culprits of weighing your bag down is shoes.  Shoes can weigh anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds and will start to take up your entire luggage quickly.

When packing shoes for your trip try to pack shoes which will be versatile in various situations. This way you can wear them dressed up or down.  

The idea is that you will wear one pair while traveling, and the other will be packed in your bag.

Buy Toiletries At Your Destination

Rather than packing a ton of bottles of liquid in your bag and having to check the luggage, instead, skip having to check altogether and opt for carry-on.  

Buying your necessary toiletries once you’ve gotten to your destination is an effective way to make sure that you can check your luggage.  Not only will this help you save time at the gate, but you’ll also find that you struggle less carrying your bag on the way.

Skip The Extra Electronics

Rather than packing separate electronics for all of your needs such as a camera, iPad, computer, etc, try to bring something which is an all-in-one.  

By traveling with just an iPhone you will not only simplify your life and have to reach for fewer things in your bag, but you will have to worry about losing less, and ultimately having to carry less weight.

The nice thing about modern technology is that you are able to take fairly impressive photos on a telephone, so you won’t feel like you’re having to hold back on documenting your trip.