4 Tips For Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain On Your Trip

Many people find themselves coming home from their trip with a little extra padding under their clothing than they would have expected.  Their shirt rides up just a bit more, and they have to use a little more force when they try to zip their jeans.

Although this is a result of having thoroughly enjoyed themselves on their vacation, it’s probably something that most people can agree they’d prefer not to have happened.  It’s still possible to enjoy yourself on vacation without as much weight gain. Here is how.

Walk As Much As You Can

When you’re on your vacation try to walk as much as you can rather than taking a cab or going on public transportation.   Even though you may be tempted to want to get around as quickly as possible, taking the time to get around by foot will not only burn more calories but give you time to look around at the sights a bit more.

By walking a few times a day on your vacation you’ll find that you may even rack up tens of miles overall a day just by small increments which add up over time. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it and result in injuring yourself.

Drink Less Alcohol

Drinking alcoholic drinks is a quick way to add up calories. With an average drink ranging from 200-250 calories ranging as high as 500 depending on whether it’s an extra sugary cocktail, it’s easy to start gaining weight as a result.

Rather than making every drink super heavy and full of sugar, why not opt for something which is a little on the lighter side.  Lighter drink options include wine and champagne, and liquor on its own.  Try out a few different options and see which one is your favorite.

Try To Skip Breakfast

Many people make the mistake of believing the old myth that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  However, skipping breakfast has plenty of benefits.  Many people find that by skipping breakfast they are actually less hungry throughout the day.

In addition, it’s a form of intermittent fasting since you won’t have eaten since the night before until lunch time.  Therefore, rather than feeling like you should be eating throughout your entire trip, instead, go for quality over quantity.

Wear Tighter Clothes

Wearing tight clothes may help you feel less inclined to eat since your stomach feels restricted.  Not only will it feel less comfortable eating with tight clothes, but when your figure is more revealed then you’re more aware of making sure that you don’t indulge as much.

This little tip may help you eat just a little bit less when you decide to hit up that all you can eat breakfast buffet in the hotel lobby.