4 Great Vacation Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Sometimes a great vacation means visiting the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris or the magical museums across Europe. For some, a good holiday can’t end without taking movie tours or attending concerts.

Well, all these can be fun.

But for outdoor lovers, there’s nothing quite as exciting as experiencing the general wonder of Mother Nature. If you are an outdoor enthusiast (or you’d want to be), there are many destinations around the world waiting to be explored. While some are simply about watching beautiful sceneries as you take an exotic drink, others offer thrilling pursuits for an unforgettable adventure, even if the weather is cold. You’d be surprised what you can do in Cannon Beach during the winter months, for example!

From camping and fishing to skiing and kayaking to biking and hiking, here are vacation ideas that will allow you to immerse yourself in nature and enjoy a great outdoor vacation.

Scuba Diving at the Florida Keys

Love scuba diving or thinking about trying out the sport? Florida Keys region is one of the hottest spots for divers in entire North America. The John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park boasts the first underwater state park in the U.S., spanning 178 nautical square miles together with the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. Sea life in this park is so abundant and rich that you will encounter about 40 species of living coral and a cool 650 varieties of fish. Sounds like the dream scuba diving destination, right?

Kayaking in Canada

Canada and Kayaking are, undoubtedly, made for each other. You may not believe it, but the North American Country boasts over 2 million lakes! One of the best ways to explore these is through kayaking. Popular kayaking location include Hecla Island, Manitoba; Lac Manicouagan, Quebec, Devil’s Nostrils, Newfoundland, Quantico Provincial Park, Ontario, and Lake Bras d’Or, Nova Scotia, among others. Whether you are an expert or a newbie to kayaking, you’ll get plenty of tips in Kayaking veteran David Jameson’s guide on kayaking.

Fishing in Alaska

If you love fishing, Alaska has to be one of your bucket list destinations. This country is home to many fishing and camping parks, where giant trophy rainbows and silver salmons are common catches. For saltwater fishing, Homer’s open waters will be a perfect place to start, where most catches weigh a cool 20 to 30 pounds. For remote fishing, the Kodiak Island Archipelago will be the most rewarding place. Here you can access remote bays and streams via a boat and catch some best halibuts and salmon.

Hiking or Biking at Moab Utah

Moab, Utah, is just magical. Within just a short drive, you’ll be surrounded by colorful canyons, magnificent red rocks of the Arches National Park, and implausible views of the famous Colorado River. If you love biking, you’ll appreciate the many biking trails that cut across the mountains. One of the most common trails is the Porcupine Rim, which offers several turns and swings through beautiful pine forest and juniper woodlands.

If you’re outdoor enthusiasts, you’ll love these destinations. There’s nothing more rewarding and refreshing than experiencing the best of Mother Nature as you enjoy your favorite activity. Depending on what thrills you most, pick any of these destinations and experience an unforgettable vacation.