4 Great Reasons Why You Should Hire A Holiday Cottage For Your Next Holiday

4 Great Reasons Why You Should Hire A Holiday Cottage For Your Next Holiday

When it comes to booking holiday accommodation in the UK, we have choices. We can book a hotel room or multiple ones or we can go for the best option which is to rent out a cottage. A sizeable amount of the holiday budget is spent primarily on the accommodation and this really affects what your family can get up to with the remaining budget. Holiday cottages are so much more affordable than hotel rooms and they offer so many more advantages and we will talk about some of them here.

  1. Additional Space – When you are vacationing with your family, you need space and lots of it. Everyone wants to do their individual thing and if you are all on top of each other in a family room then this can’t happen. Getting yourself some cottage deals mean that you have the full use of a cottage that will have extra rooms and much more space. It will most likely have a small garden where the kids can play safely or you and your partner can sit and enjoy a glass of wine or two.
  2. There’s a Kitchen – Once again, a large portion of the budget is spent on eating out when you stay at resorts or hotels, but with your holiday cottage you get to go shopping and pick out the food that you really want to eat. The whole family gets to choose exactly what they want and are not restricted by a menu. As a Family you get to spend quality time together preparing the food and the kids can decide to eat inside or outside – it’s up to them. The money saved on cooking your own food alone should be incentive enough to book yourself a holiday cottage.


  1. Amenities – If you want laundry or ironing services in the hotel, you have to book them and then wait for the scheduled times when the work is done. Most hotel cottages come with a washing machine and all the other additional amenities that you might need. The machines are right there in your holiday cottage and they are free to use. Even if you don’t use it, it’s always nice to have the option there in case you want to freshen up an item of clothing. Of course, if you want the cottage to have a washing and drying machine, it’s best to check before traveling so you have that clarification. But even if they don’t, they may provide clothes wringer alternatives for you so you still have a way to wash and dry your clothes. With that being said, most cottages will have the relevant appliances for you to use. This makes your lives much more convenient and you can put a wash load on and go for a walk and it will all be done by the time you get back.


  1. Entertainment – there is nothing better than in-room entertainment and this is what kids want to experience when they go on holidays. They have their devices and they want to able to use them anywhere and not just in dedicated places. Most holiday cottages come with TV and Sky packages so that there is lots for the kids and the adults to watch. There should be internet as well so everyone can enjoy it no matter where they are sitting or lying down throughout the cottage. A cottage may have the traditional looks but inside everything is quite modern.

The next time you are thinking of taking your family on holiday, consider renting out a holiday cottage and enjoy the convenience and comforts that it has to offer.