4 Biggest Mistakes People Make When Traveling to Thailand

There’s a reason why so many people flock to Thailand every year— it’s one of the most stunning destinations full of rich cultural experiences with some of the best cuisine in the entire world! It’s a destination you won’t want to miss going to at least one point in your life. Make sure you add it to your list or you could find yourself living in an assisted living facility one day wishing you had visited one of the most exciting tourist destinations on the planet.

Yet, there are plenty of mistakes to be made when traveling to this Southeast Asian country. To help you have a wonderful trip free of stress and problems, here are some of the biggest mistakes to avoid when traveling to Thailand.


It’s never a good idea to overpack on a trip regardless of where you’re going. However, traveling somewhere like Asia is especially cumbersome when you have an extremely heavy bag because there’s so much traveling to do. You’ll have plenty of flight connections, and depending on where you’re going you might have to catch an additional train, bus, or boat.  

So you’re better off packing a manageable load that doesn’t break your back when hauling it around. Thailand is incredibly affordable, so consider packing light and buying items like shampoo or other toiletries once you’ve arrived.

Failing to Respect the Culture

Thai culture is incredibly rooted in deep traditions and customs that you’ll need to respect when you arrive. From dress code to removing your shoes before entering someone’s home, get to know Thai customs before you arrive. Although some honest cultural mistakes are acceptable, there are others that will deeply offend locals. Get to know them so you can avoid finding yourself in an awkward situation.

Never Veering off The Beaten Path

It’s easy to open up a Lonely Planet or visit a travel blog and add all of the hottest tourist spots to your list. And while some of these places are fantastic, there are plenty of other fantastic places that are off the beaten path. Steering away from tourist-dense locations could not only save you money, but it could also provide a more authentic Thai experience. If you really want to experience Thailand, then ask the locals where they suggest going rather than looking in a tour book.

Not Trying New Foods

Let’s face it, everybody’s tried Phad Thai in their local Thai restaurant at home in the United States. However, you’d be doing yourself a huge disservice not to try new foods that you may not necessarily be familiar with.  Embrace new recipes and ingredients that you may not have ever considered trying before. You may just be surprised to find that something you thought you would hate ends up blowing your mind! 

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