4 Biggest Mistakes People Make on Vacation

The idea of a vacation is to relax, step away from your day-to-day life, and above all, have fun. So, if you hope to do all of those things, then make sure that you look out for these mistakes you should never make on vacation. 

Not Creating a Budget 

Before you go on your trip with your credit card and a “YOLO” attitude, consider making a budget first.  Remember, even though the purpose of your vacation is to have fun, you still have to be able to feed yourself then pay your rent when you get back home. Make sure that you create a budget that plans out how much you plan on spending in each area of your trip.  From restaurants, to buying souvenirs— it’s important that you practice self-restraint by creating a budget. 


A lot of people want to make sure that they’re prepared for anything that could possibly happen on their trip. Because they want to make sure that they’re prepared, they end up bringing way too many things. Usually, in more cases than not, people only end up needing a small portion of everything they pack.  

The problem with overpacking is that you don’t leave yourself enough room to bring back gifts, and it’s much harder to get around with too much stuff. Above all, you risk paying extra baggage fees that are by no means cheap.

Not Calling Your Bank 

If you’re planning on traveling internationally, then it’s important that you call your bank. Let them know about your travel plans so that you don’t find yourself with a blocked card in the middle of a checkout line. While it may seem as simple as calling your bank on the spot if your card is blocked, you may not always be in the same time zone. 

The last thing you want is find yourself outside of call center hours and have no access to funds. You’re better off calling ahead of time so you can have peace of mind. 

Failing to Check Your Phone Plan 

Are you familiar with your cell phone roaming plan, and what kind of rates you have in other countries? It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with these before you get on the plane. Chances are you’ll likely need your phone once you arrive at your destination.  Make sure that your phone is equipped to be used internationally, and is not exorbitantly expensive. Many cell phone carriers now come with reasonably priced international plans, so it’s a good idea to call before you leave to get an idea of whether your current plan is OK as is, or whether you should upgrade before your trip. Otherwise, you could find yourself with an astronomical phone bill. 

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